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Monday Transcript: Inside Linebacker Micah McFadden

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/30/2023 3:01 pm
Inside Linebacker Micah McFadden

Q: When you look back at the defensive performance yesterday, is it kind of like a TV show or a movie where you love everything about it but the ending? Is that the way you looked at what happened yesterday?

A: I mean obviously it was a tough way to lose yesterday. I think there are a lot of things that we could've done better defensively, little things. I think we played a good game, but a few little plays here that kind of came back to hurt us. Yeah, it's a tough way to lose.

Q: Anything in particular about the last series in regulation that sticks with you?

A: We've just got to find a way to get off the field. They made some good plays, give credit to them, good players over there. We've just got to find a way to get off the field.

Q: Would you have like to see more bodies on top of the receiver on that last offensive play of regulation and kind of slowed him down from getting up?

A: Yeah, I mean that's always kind of a thought process in that moment. Obviously, you don't want to draw a penalty, so it's kind of like that balance in between trying to fight for the ball a little bit and get a few more seconds off the clock but give credit to them. They got down there, spiked the ball, and made the field goal, so, just kind of is what it is.

Q: On the other side ball, it sounds like you are going to have (quarterback) Daniel (Jones) back there this week. What does that mean to the team to have its quarterback back on the field?

A: Yeah, I think it's huge. It'll be great to have DJ back. Huge player for us, brings a lot of confidence to the offense I think and throughout the whole team. Having a captain and a leader back, I think that's huge.

Q: Is there a way that you could describe to those of us who have never played football, what it's like to be in a game like that and play as hard as it appeared as you guys did and come out on the losing end?

A: Yeah, I mean it's devastating. The games not over until it's over, but you are pretty sure you are going to win a game and then it turns pretty quick like that. They make a few plays and then right into overtime, it just seems so quick. It just seems like one second you are about to win a game and the next second, it's over and you lost. It's kind of hard to process. Obviously not a whole lot of words in the locker room after, but yeah, it's just a real tough way to lose. It's devastating for sure.

Q: How does a team come back from that? Obviously, when the quarterback goes out, you've had a couple now, that impacts a defense in a way. Obviously, when you're on the field and not coming through with a winning effort yesterday impacts a defense. How do you guys among yourselves say 'the seasons not over, we've got to stay together' that kind of a thing?

A: I think we've said it all year long, regardless win or lose we take it one week at a time. Like you said, it's a long season. Still got nine more games left and there's a lot of football to play. We won't count ourselves out ever. Just continue to work hard, prepare every week for the next opponent, and try to find a way to win a football game.

Q: I don't know when you meet with (defensive coordinator) Wink (Martindale), so that's my ignorance, but if you have, did he have a message for the defense after yesterday's game?

A: We have not yet. I'm sure when we come back on Wednesday, we will kind of go over a little bit of corrections and things like that over the game and he'll have some words for us. But nothing yet.

Q: I'm curious, at 2-6, pretty much the midpoint of the season, how do you view where this team is at?

A: I think we've got a group of fighters, dudes who are determined to go out and win a football game. Obviously, we've been in a few close games the last few weeks. Mentally, it's difficult to come back after a game like that, but like I said earlier, we've just got to take it one week at a time, continue to battle, find a way to win a few games and string some together here.

Q: The trade deadline is tomorrow, not saying you personally, but do guys talk about it and about the possibility of 'hey, who knows, I could get traded here' what's that like for you as a player in the locker room?

A: I'm sure it's in the back of a few people's minds and guys who potentially could be in that position, but I think as a group and personally, I think we are just focused on football and practice and taking it one day a time. Whatever happens with that, happens. As players, we don't have a whole lot of control over that. I think we are just kind of focused on football right now.
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