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Transcript: Head Coach Brian Daboll

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/10/2023 2:31 pm
Head Coach Brian Daboll

November 10, 2023

Q. Anybody, obviously (tackle) Evan Neal…

A: Yeah, so, are you asking who’s out?

Q. Yeah.

A: It’ll be (cornerback) Adoree’ (Jackson) and (running back) Deon (Jackson), both Jacksons, and Evan.

Q: Does Evan have any chance of going on IR?

A: Too early to tell.

Q. What about (outside linebacker) Azeez (Ojulari)? Will he be activated?

A: We’ll see. We’ll see how it goes. He’ll be questionable today.

Q: Will he be limited in terms of practice today?

A: Yeah, we’ll put him out here, see where he’s at, and make a decision.

Q: Is (guard Mark) Glowinski back?

A: He’s not. He’s still a personal day.

Q. How has Azeez looked in practice as he’s kind of come back and started to do stuff?

A: Making his way back. Yeah, making his way back.

Q. Who’s kicking on Sunday?

A: Go through it again today like we did last week and then make our decision.

Q. What’s your advice to a young undrafted quarterback going into a place like Dallas? Obviously, their defense is really good, lead the league in pressure rate. What’s your advice to him when going into that kind of environment?

A: You talk about it with those guys early in the week. The biggest thing that he's done is he's done everything he can do to put himself in a good position in terms of his preparation, reviewing the game plan, meeting extra with (Quarterbacks Coach) Shea (Tierney) and (Offensive Coordinator Mike) Kaf(ka), coming out here and practicing well and just controlling the things that he can do, and doing his job well.

Q: He said rule number one is don’t panic. How much do you see that from him in regard to how he handles himself?

A: I think he's done a good job of doing everything he can do up to this point of preparing the right way, both in the classroom, extra and then on the field.

Q. How much have your interactions increased with him? I'm guessing you probably don’t spend a ton of time with practice squad players one-on-one during the season. So, this week have you guys been spending a lot of time together?

A: No, I spend time with (quarterback) Tommy (DeVito), really since training camp. Again, the development process of a young quarterback, when you're (quarterback) Daniel (Jones) or (quarterback) Tyrod (Taylor), you’re spending so much time with Shea and Kafka, and so is Tommy. I just think there's little things as you go each week, whether it's kind of Football 101, formations, motions, defenses, pressure looks, indicators or different things across the league, maybe watch some other quarterbacks, watch him on the practice squad. So, I'd say I've talked to him a fair amount since he's been here. But now he's spent a lot of time extra with Shea and Kafka trying to make sure that he's on point to do his job well, which again is a challenging task for any quarterback when you're playing that position. But he's done everything that he could possibly do throughout the week to prepare himself.

Q: When you guys signed him as an undrafted rookie, obviously there had to be something you liked about him. What was it that you liked, what have you seen and how has he grown from that point to this point?

A: I mean, he’s grown I'd say considerably. Again, when you come in as a rookie, regardless of where you're drafted, when you come in as a rookie, there's a ton of things you have to learn, and particularly at that spot. So, he's kind of grown since OTAs. He's made improvement from OTAs to training camp, I thought he improved in the preseason when he played and when you're out here, you're taking a couple of reps a period on the show team. So, you're trying to hone in on your craft individually, but then you have to spend a lot of time studying. I think that Ty and Daniel have been good mentors for him. So, he's had two full days here, we'll have a third one, but he's doing everything he can do.

Q: Do you tell him this is the same game you’ve played since you’ve been a peewee, just go out and play it again?

A: Yeah, because it is. Yeah. Just playing a dang good opponent.

Q: How much patience do you have with him as a starter? Obviously, you have a veteran behind him. Clearly this is a tough spot going on the road against this defense. How do you handle that in regard to patience and knowing, ‘Okay, maybe we have to go through some rookie bumps along the way here?’

A: Yeah, I mean most quarterbacks that play against this defense are going to go through some bumps. Again, the biggest thing for Tommy and for the coaches involved – and I’ve done this a fair amount of times with some young players, Colt McCoy, (Bills quarterback) Josh Allen, and again I understand where Josh was selected – but there’s a lot on their plates. So, you’ve got to make sure you do a good job of communicating with the quarterback. Again, I give a lot of credit to Mike and Shea; they’ve spent a lot of time with him. Just even how you communicate from the headset to the quarterback position. Some quarterbacks like to hear a lot of stuff, some people like reminders. Some people, just give them a number and they can read it off. Just getting through that process, that’s been a process in and of itself that those guys have been discussing to just communicate to get the play off before the play even starts.

So, that answer your question?

Q: What is that process with Tommy specifically, that communication? How is that different for maybe Daniel and Tyrod?

A: Are you talking about what he likes?

Q: Yeah.

A: Yeah, I’m not going to get into it, but every quarterback is different. I mean, when I was calling in plays to particular quarterbacks, some of them would say, ‘Hey, the last thing, remind me what the back’s route is,’ or some would say, ‘Hey, give me a reminder of the situation that we’re in, so I can just think about the play that you’re giving me the reminder.’ Everybody is a little bit different. Tommy is different than the other two guys, and I think for the first two days, it’s gone well at practice.

Q: It seems obvious in this situation that you would lean on (running back) Saquon (Barkley), but how conscious do you have to be of his workload? I mean, his workload the last four weeks has been head and shoulders above any other back in the league.

A: Yeah, we’ll give him a workload. Yep.

Q: You don’t have to say, ‘Oh, I don’t want to over-tax this guy?’

A: No, I mean, we try to do the best we can during the week to take care of him, so he’s physically fresh, mentally fresh. I think (Running Backs Coach Jeff) Nix(on) does a good job of making sure we take care of him the right way so he’s ready to go. But again, a great thing about Saquon is he’s such a good team player. Whatever we need.
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