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What I been noticing and going forward

giantsfanforlife : 11/12/2023 10:47 pm
I respect everyone's opinion and people have the right to get frustrated and say what they want. I am not telling anyone how to root for their team.

Something I notice as fans is when a game is coming up, there always a prediction we can make a upset this week and maybe it gets carry over. Other comments saying we should fire the head coach and general manager to what our record is since last year. People saying we are the worst team in the NFL and a embarrassment to blaming the organization.

What happen last year is last year, 2022 season is different than 2023 season. Yes you can get better and carried it over, but every year teams change (change to worst or better). Since 2016, we had 1 good year and 2nd year gets worse. Until this team shows it can be good 2 season in a row, nothing guarantee from 1 year to another.

Regarding our season, yes it was not what we expected, but its hard to win when you have a tougher schedule with injuries, coaches making mistakes, not having luck on our end, and player not playing up to their potential. We are down to our 3rd string quarterback and most likely the remaining of the season games will be like this or close and maybe we get lucky to win a game or 2. The players will continue to play until the last game of the season. We are not a good team and its a lost season. We just have to hope for the best and go into the offseason/draft and see if the team gets better by addressing the needs.

As far as Schoen and Daboll, most likely they will be back next season. Yes anything can happen, but most likely whatever our final record will be, both will be here in 2024. Every coach/GM makes mistake and I still have confidence in them improving the team and developing the quarterbacks. There has to be stability and continuity. We cant keep firing people after 2 years.

We are still in a rebuild even though we had success last year. Yes we overachieve and increase the expectation, but that doesn't mean the rebuild won't continue. One thing I will blame Schoen is not having enough depth with the offensive line and defensive line. I do think he will learn from his mistake.

I know we have seen players arguing with each other and even players arguing with coaches. One thing I do hope is Brian Daboll not losing the locker room. I get no one likes to lose even the players, but the leaders have to come, keep thinking positive, and take it one game at a time.

We have players on defense and offense on this team that are part of the future. If we draft a quarterback and start building around him in 2024 and finish in 2025, I do see us competing in 2025. We just have to wait and see how our offseason goes and hope for the best.

2024 strength of schedule  
thrunthrublue : 11/12/2023 10:54 pm : link
Should be the inverse of this season, although dallas and Philly sets up for a probable 13-4 baseline barring any miracles.
RE: 2024 strength of schedule  
giantsfanforlife : 11/12/2023 11:00 pm : link
In comment 16286643 thrunthrublue said:
Should be the inverse of this season, although dallas and Philly sets up for a probable 13-4 baseline barring any miracles.

We do play the NFC South and AFC North next season. AFC North is a tough division and even if the schedule is softer, it won't matter if we are a bad team. But then again we could be a better team in 2024. Well have to see.
Smart, well thought  
AZ Blue : 11/13/2023 12:34 am : link
out post. While the team is currently a disaster there are some solid pieces to build on.
Thomas, Jon Michael, Hyatt and possibly Saquon on offense. On the defensive side they have Dex, Thibs, Banks and some other pieces. But as stated, depth is a huge issue along with an edge rusher, QB and OL.

We’ll see what happens
Every year is different  
gary_from_chester : 11/13/2023 8:55 am : link
You’re never as good or as bad as you look; lots of moving parts. Deeper teams can make up for holes - injuries, coaching gaffes, bad breaks, etc.

Need to see the team trying to compete, jobs should be on the line. Expect lots of player and coaching turnover this offseason; possibly three new coordinators and say goodbye to some familar faces - McKinney, Ojulari, Shepard, Slayton, Jackson, Lemieux, Peart, Brown, Breida, quite a few more.

There’s been something’off’ with this coaching staff all year. i think Daboll survives, but Wink, Kafka, and T-Mac are replacecd, possibly along with some others like Bobby Johnson. Historically bad performance means there will be a shakeup and Daboll will need to show progress with his shiny new QB next year.
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