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Let's forget 1st round pick - 2nd round discussion

JT039 : 11/13/2023 9:33 am
I think its pretty obvious we are going to have to take a QB with our top pick regardless if its Williams, Maye, or Daniels. However, I think the 2nd round picks will be just as crucial to getting this team back to actually being competitive.

I am looking at two positions:

Offensive Guard
Wide Receiver

Yes, I know the first 3 picks being all offensive players is not ideal. However, our offense is god awful right now. It's really depressing to watch. So when we draft a QB, like we did in 2004, lets find out Chris Snee in the 2ns round amd hopefully a WR that ends up being the next Michael Thomas (the one that was good and normal) or Tee Higgins, or better yet our Davantae Adams( one can dream I hope!)

So for the college experts - what players are you looking for in the 2nd round?
WR, Edge or OL all work.  
nygiantfan : 11/13/2023 9:35 am : link
Actually, almost anything works. Maybe even another QB as well.
Some combination of QB, WR and Edge  
Chris684 : 11/13/2023 9:40 am : link
Would be my focus with picks 1, 2 and 2 depending on where we land in the order and who's available.

IOL would be in play in rounds 3 and 4.
ER is #1 after QB  
Jim in Forest Hills : 11/13/2023 9:41 am : link
RE: ER is #1 after QB  
beatrixkiddo : 11/13/2023 9:42 am : link
In comment 16286995 Jim in Forest Hills said:

Let’s revisit the 2004 formula…  
bceagle05 : 11/13/2023 9:42 am : link
QB in round one, guard (Snee) in round two.

Perfect spot for interior OL.
Let's Remember There is Free Agency Too  
BigTymer : 11/13/2023 9:42 am : link
I'd almost prefer we get experienced OL help (Guard and swing Tackle) in FA if possible as rolling the dice with more rookies seems to be a crapshoot.

Edge, DT & Safety are definitely in play though in addition to Guard & WR. We'll have premium picks in Round 2 and so key is not to force it.
I’m hoping for a repeat of 2004  
Jay on the Island : 11/13/2023 9:42 am : link
Land a top QB in round 1 then an OL in round 2. If the plan is to move Neal to guard then an OT needs to be a priority with one of the three day 2 picks. Ideally need and value will meet up and the giants will come out of day 2 with three out of the following positions, G/OT, ER, DT, WR. Then on day 3 I hope they draft another OL early on.
RE: Let's Remember There is Free Agency Too  
JT039 : 11/13/2023 9:43 am : link
In comment 16287004 BigTymer said:
I'd almost prefer we get experienced OL help (Guard and swing Tackle) in FA if possible as rolling the dice with more rookies seems to be a crapshoot.

Edge, DT & Safety are definitely in play though in addition to Guard & WR. We'll have premium picks in Round 2 and so key is not to force it.

See I disagree, we are in full rebuild mode now. Maybe find one older vet for the OL to bring leadership. However, we are going to need two OG and possibly a RT since Neal has been absolutely awful.
If there is a QB you like other than the top 3  
lecky : 11/13/2023 9:45 am : link
it seems like they might be available in the second round. Hard to pass on what might be a generational sure thing than to miss on another first round pick. Lots of examples in the past few years. Not that I know what they think of Marvin Harrison Jr., but he does look mazingly good. Without the best QB in college football throwing to him,
We amazingly have the talent level of a first year expansion team  
lawguy9801 : 11/13/2023 9:46 am : link
We need everything and anything.
Jay on the Island : 11/13/2023 9:47 am : link
The giants will add a good veteran starting Guard in free agency especially if they draft a RT on day 2 to start. Having a stable veteran next to who will play next to the rookie for several years would help stabilize the line and provide help to the young RT.
I don't know how anyone can trust this organization  
Mike from Ohio : 11/13/2023 9:48 am : link
to draft an Olineman in the second round and turn him into a productive player. It is a blind spot for this organization and has been for 10 years. Andrew Thomas is the exception that proves the rule.

Look to free agency to fill out the Oline. We need guys this staff can't fuck up because they are already decent. Spend the picks on premium positions like QB, WR and Edge.

And please, please, please do not spend a second round pick on another 5'8" slot receiver...
Edge and D tackle. L Williams is missed.  
edavisiii : 11/13/2023 9:59 am : link
We need a swing tackle but....Giants have 2 tackles taken in the 1st round and a 2nd round center. Safeties and Guards can be found 3rd or 4th round. Also, blocking Tight end is needed. If your going to keep Barkley you need a great blocking TE to get him outside. I think Neal will develop but i actually questioned spending the 7th pick on a right tackle even though I thought it was the right move since he was so highly rated and the OL was a mess. K was hoping they would trade down but that was the year the QB talent was poor.

2nd round is often about who falls. Its so early we dont know who will rise in the last games. Lots of holes to fill so you definitely know there will be somebody at the top of round 2 who was considered a 1st round pick that they will pull the trigger on.. Who knows what position it will be.

Rhe bottom line is .... This team will never get better unless they start nailing there middle and low round picks. Great drafts are made on day 3.  
JayBinQueens : 11/13/2023 10:04 am : link
Let's go qb again in case they whiff on the qb in the 1st
The only thing worse than going into next year with DJ  
Metnut : 11/13/2023 10:21 am : link
and no other real QB help, is picking a bust of a QB with a high pick. If we end up with a pick in the #4-#6 range (it's a bigger possibility than most think with our remaining schedule) and they want to take Harrison, I'm okay with it.

If we're picking at the top then by all means, run to the podium and take a QB, but don't force a QB just because the need is so big. Come away from the draft with raising the talent level of the team. Add talent at premium positions. Can't have another draft where we come away with little.
Look no further than Troy Fautanu of Washington  
Rick in Dallas : 11/13/2023 10:25 am : link
OG would be awesome pick in 2nd round followed by Trey Benson RB in 3rd round
And to be clear  
Mike from Ohio : 11/13/2023 10:36 am : link
nobody that is stressing their desire that the Giants draft a QB in the first is suggesting they do that regardless of their scouting. I don't think a single person here is suggesting they just take the best QB on the board when it is their turn, even if they have a 3rd round grade on him.

If they are picking in the top 2-3 they should be able to sit tight and get someone they like. From 4-10 they should be looking to try and trade up for a guy they like if they don't think one will fall. Only if they can't get to a QB worth a high first should they go elsewhere and then look in the 2nd/3rd round for a guy to develop.
This team has only a few pieces IMO  
Dang Man : 11/13/2023 10:41 am : link
So we’ll need to draft well AND use FA to target starters. Maybe not long term starters for the latter, but you can realistically say we need help in these areas:
QB, RT, OG, WR, TE, Edge, CB unless Hawkins progresses, FS if XM leaves.

Point being there are so many holes we have to look beyond the draft. FA, even if limited bc of cap, willl be important. We’ll need to find some hidden value.
Anakim : 11/13/2023 10:50 am : link
But yes, I'd love to get an alpha at WR. Assuming MHJ, Keon Coleman and Rome Odunze all go in Round 1, my eyes are on South Carolina's Xavier Legette.
Too early  
Sammo85 : 11/13/2023 11:02 am : link
Let the board work and scouting process do it’s job. Over the next 3-4 months.

Anakim : 11/13/2023 11:08 am : link
In comment 16287207 Anakim said:
But yes, I'd love to get an alpha at WR. Assuming MHJ, Keon Coleman and Rome Odunze all go in Round 1, my eyes are on South Carolina's Xavier Legette.

Brian Thomas Jr. of LSU is another one
Edge is a tough nut......  
Simms11 : 11/13/2023 11:53 am : link
Need more pressure and Ojulari is a walking wounded and KT can be contained by himself. Need another solid pass rusher. Last night was a prime example of a QB getting all day to sit back and find receivers open.
Edge and DT  
Dankbeerman : 11/13/2023 12:41 pm : link
Any team breaking in a new QB will need the D to be a strength. We are lacking in Pass Rushers. Give me an edge and 2 way DT that can rush and isn't a NT type (like Riley and Davidson)
Can't forget about Safety  
Anakim : 11/13/2023 1:04 pm : link
McKinney looks to be gone given the rough patch he's had.

Javon Bullard of Georgia or Calen Bullock of USC would be awesome
Here’s two players I would love to see picked round 2  
shocktheworld : 11/13/2023 1:17 pm : link
(If QB is 1st round pick of course)


LSU’s Brian Thomas Jr is def rising up draft boards, but he’s someone I’m very intrigued by. Big, fast and strong hands…all upside IMO


Cooper Beebee from K State isn’t the most athletic guy, but he reminds me of Joel Bitonio coming out. Super versatile and solid OLman that can stabilize a number of positions for us.

shocktheworld : 11/13/2023 1:19 pm : link
To Anak’s point  
shocktheworld : 11/13/2023 1:21 pm : link
Legette (WR) from S. Carolina looks like an AJ Brown type talent. Guy is a physical specimen…
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