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Washington Huskies linebacker bonehead play.

Bill in Del : 11/13/2023 1:13 pm
This could have been the highlight of his college football career. But instead..... well have a look.
Good thing it didn't cost them the game. - ( New Window )
i hope we draft him  
cjac : 11/13/2023 1:15 pm : link
he looks like a Giant already
Then Utah backed up in their own end zone  
BillT : 11/13/2023 1:16 pm : link
Called the slowest developing handoff I’ve ever seen. Unreal.
Am I wrong  
BlackLight : 11/13/2023 1:20 pm : link
or did we basically never see this sort of play happen until Desean Jackson did it in a game back in 2008? And now it seems like there's gotta be a Youtube montage of these plays online somewhere.
RE: i hope we draft him  
Bill in Del : 11/13/2023 1:21 pm : link
In comment 16287509 cjac said:
he looks like a Giant already

Lol....yup fits right into our scheme.
Leon Lett  
DC Gmen Fan : 11/13/2023 2:04 pm : link
not the same as Andre Bebe knocked it out but just as boneheaded
Multiple NFL players have done this too.  
robbieballs2003 : 11/13/2023 2:38 pm : link
I don't get it. On top of all that, he had two teammates run past the ball too.
Idiots are so  
Gman11 : 11/13/2023 2:48 pm : link
intent on celebrating that they don't pay attention to where they are.
It was  
Jerry K : 11/13/2023 3:07 pm : link
Don Beebe.
I saw this live  
Paulie Walnuts : 11/13/2023 4:02 pm : link
Seems like one every year stop showboating and score
This is not unique anymore  
Matt M. : 11/13/2023 4:06 pm : link
Where is the rest of the play? How did it end? 2 teammates ignore the dropped ball and go to celebrate and 2 Utah players seem to be ignoring it either. This should have been easier to detect than other times this has happened because the ball was dropped and stuck on the playing field. It never made to the end zone. Somebody should be pouncing on that. A Utah player could have not only picked it up, but advanced it, right?
reminds me of the Leon Lett run back ...  
short lease : 11/13/2023 4:33 pm : link
stooped hustling ready to celebrate and pose for the cameras and meanwhile Buffalo's receiver (Beebe?) made him look like a jack-ass when he swatted the ball out of his hand.
RE: Leon Lett  
short lease : 11/13/2023 4:36 pm : link
In comment 16287594 DC Gmen Fan said:
not the same as Andre Bebe knocked it out but just as boneheaded


(Don Beebe) Leon Lett play came to my mind immediately. The whole celebrating prematurely concept applies.
Leon Lett also had  
Kevin999 : 11/13/2023 5:07 pm : link
another bonehead play on a blocked field goal that actually cost them a game unlike the SB where they won anyways.
His 2 nearest teammates  
Joe Beckwith : 11/13/2023 11:53 pm : link
Weren’t exactly MENSA candidates either, watching the ball sit at the 2 should make you at least want to bring it over the line, “just in case….”.
But the celebration was more important, I guess.
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