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Transcript: Defensive Lineman Dexter Lawrence

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/13/2023 3:55 pm
Defensive Lineman Dexter Lawrence

Before any questions, let me get this straight. It's ridiculous to be tweeted about yesterday when I am available to you guys every day. Yesterday, I wanted to go see my family because of my birthday. That's ridiculous. It had nothing to do with losing to Dallas, nothing to do with frustration, any of that. That's ridiculous for someone to be sensitive because I wanted to go see my family. That's all I've got to say about that. I'll answer your questions as best as I can, but that's just ridiculous.

Q: How hard is it going to be do you think for the team going forward to not give in to the losing? To keep the spirit up and not let frustration set in and just keep trying, despite the record?

A: I think we do a good job as players keeping the morale up, keeping it positive. The whole thing is, like, at the end of the day, you're playing for something more than yourself. So, at the end of the day, you've got to go out there and take care of business to the best of your abilities. I think as leaders, in a time like this, we have to hone in on that more. My biggest thing is individual play helps team play. So, that's just how it goes.

Q: Not to harp on not talking versus talking, but would there have been a way to talk to people in the locker room for five minutes and then go see your family?

A: No. I wanted to go see my family. There were a lot of them there. I would do it again. That's all I've got to say about that.

Q: When you look at the numbers on defense, obviously, they're probably numbers you never thought you would be a part of. What do you make of those numbers and the way the Cowboys walked up and down the field against you guys, and are you in a little bit of a shock that it has come to this on defense?

A: They did a good job taking advantage of what we were in. Kudos to them. We've just got to figure out where the leaks are and do our best to patch them up.

Q: Do you sense any wavering of confidence or excitement or anything with these repeated one-sided losses? Especially yesterday with you guys almost giving up 50 points.

A: I can't say that, because, like I said before, football is a bunch of individuals trying to compete for the same goal. So, each player has to do their job to the best of their abilities, and I feel I have the confidence in that we're all trying to do that. I don't think anyone is trying to make a mistake. I don't think that's the name of the game. That just would be ridiculous. The team, they just came out there and they beat us. They beat us good.

Q: I don't want to go down that road that you just said, and I respect what you said about going to see your family. In a locker room setting – and I certainly felt some of this and put this out there, so that's why I'm coming on to at least address it with you, and I understand if you don't want to go there – there is a sense after the game that guys are looking around, the younger players in the locker room are looking into leaders like yourself to be the guy who's out front. I don't feel like we were critical of you and how you handled yourself because you are a standup guy as you say. But you don't see a value in being the guy who's answering the questions knowing that you are the leader of this defense in terms of where you're at? Or do you feel like whatever you do behind the scenes, it takes precedence over maybe what you would do to the media?

A: First of all, my teammates know who I am. They know how I feel.

Q: So do we.

A: I talk to you guys after every game. I've talked to you guys whenever you come to me after every game. This game, it was my birthday and I wanted to go see my family and be around them. That's all it is. They don't give us much time after the games, so that's what I wanted to do.

Q: I just had a question about Dabs (Head Coach Brian Daboll). I'm sure you hear all the Giants fans are ticked off. They want a scalp for every loss and every disappointment and stuff. How would you characterize the way you guys in the locker room are viewing and following Dabs and see a plan out there in front of you despite the obvious struggle of the last month or so?

A: I respect Dabs a lot. He's just as or more competitive as the players, and he wants to win and create an environment of winning just as much as the players do. This year is not going that way. I think for him, I think he's doing a good job of just perspective. I think that's the biggest thing about everything, putting things in perspective. Last night after the game, he didn't really address much. I just told the team, look, we've got to be here for each other no matter what is going on, no matter how raggedy the season is. We love each other in here, and we've got to play for each other in here and be there for each other through this dark time, and we've got to fight our way out.

Q: You're a guy who was just recently locked up with a long-term extension and presumably is in the plans here for a while. Is it difficult, or do you see a vision and a plan that Daboll and (General Manager Joe) Schoen have here despite the struggles? Are you okay with where you think this thing's going to go?

A: I'm confident. They're just as competitive as we are and want to find a way to win just as badly as we do. I think when you've got a head coach urgent like that, that leaks down to the players. We've just got to put this (stuff) together on Sundays. We have good weeks in practice, good meetings, good extra meetings, all that. We've just got to put it together on Sunday and everything to be where we want it to be.
Heh cool  
Johnny5 : 11/13/2023 4:01 pm : link
Dexter and I (almost) share a birthday.
M.S. : 11/13/2023 4:03 pm : link
Off-season can't come quickly enough.
Cheech d : 11/13/2023 4:16 pm : link
I actually do share a birthday with Sexy Dexy!
Do we know  
HoodieGelo : 11/13/2023 4:32 pm : link
what reporter was harping on him or was it multiple? This is just insane that they are honestly so upset. Why are they so butthurt about this?
RE: Do we know  
HoodieGelo : 11/13/2023 4:39 pm : link
In comment 16287776 HoodieGelo said:
what reporter was harping on him or was it multiple? This is just insane that they are honestly so upset. Why are they so butthurt about this?

It was Art Stapleton lmfao why am I not surprised.
Here's some advice to reporters  
Reale01 : 11/14/2023 10:23 am : link
When the first 3/4 of your question is a pre-apology for asking the question - then maybe you should not ask it. If you are going to go there, then just say "Why didn't you talk to the media like you usually do?" In this case it had already been asked an answered.
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