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NGT: seeking input from Army & Navy football fans

truebluelarry : 11/13/2023 6:36 pm
Being an avid football history freak, and Black Knights fan, I spent some free time today looking up some of the early Army-Navy games played in New York.

Eleven times between 1913 & 1931 the games were played at the Polo Grounds or Yankee Stadium and were big time events and massive spectacles put on in front of SRO crowds. Accordingly, there was extensive newspaper coverage, including heavy photography which wasn't all that common at the time.

As I've been doing the past two years with Giants games each week, I'm wondering if there is interest in my digging into the archives for some of these Army-Navy games leading up to their match-up in December.

If there's enough interest I'm happy to do the work and present everything here. Between the NY Times, NY Herald-Tribune and NY Daily News I can get plenty of material.
big Army fan here -  
Del Shofner : 11/13/2023 6:45 pm : link
they're not having a great year, but when they're on, they are a lot of fun to watch, and I've kind of signed on to them as the "local" team here in the Hudson Valley (which they are - the local cable sports news covers them heavily).

So I'm all for it....
budman88 : 11/14/2023 9:18 am : link
About 4 years ago, I signed up to shuttle fans around the parking lots to the stadium on game days. It was a long day,since I needed to get to the campus 530AM. I met all types of fans and had repeat fans every week. The students would be practicing their jumps over the stadium at the first crack of dawn.

Almost all of the tail-gaters would invite us to share their goods to all the cart drivers! I got to be very friendly with many of the fans ( especially those who were getting into my golf cart with a 10 or 20 in their hand) . People would toss you souvenirs as well.

I miss those days!
Army 11 Navy 8 in 1964  
Rick in Dallas : 11/14/2023 9:26 am : link
I vividly remember attending the 1964 game in Philadelphia when Rollie Stichweh led Army over Roger Staubach and Navy.
We had seasons tickets for about 15 yrs during the 60’s and 70’s to Army games.
Great tailgate parties on the Hudson. Wonderful memories with my family.
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