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Head Coaches Status 2024

bigbluewillrise : 11/14/2023 12:13 am
AFC East

McDermott - 50-50 chance he is bought back if they miss the playoffs
Bellichek - clear goner
McDaniel - Safe
Saleh - 3 straight seasons under 500 but will get reprieve and one more shot with Rodgers with 2024 imo

AFC North

Tomlin - Safe
Harbaugh - Safe
Taylor - Safe
Stefanski - needs to make the playoffs to save his job

AFC South
Steichen - Safe
Vrabel - Safe
Pederson - Safe
Ryans - Safe

AFC West
Payton - Safe
Staley - gone 100% if they dont make the playoffs and win a game at least
Reid - safe
Pierce - Needs to stay over 500 or make playoffs to get rid of interim tag. they will be more lenient to make him perm head coach after what happened with rich bisaccia.

AFC - 5 openings potentially

NFC East
Rivera - Goner
Daboll - Safe unless something happens crazy i dont think he can survive 8 more 30+ points blowouts. i might be crazy here, but he needs to get these games close. if the patriots blow us out, there will be too much.
Sirianni - Safe
McCarthy - Safe but i think he needs a playoff win. they arent winning the division. if they lose in the WC round he could be out.

NFC North
Ebeflus - Goner
Lafleur - Safe
Campbell - Safe
OConnell - Safe

NFC South
Allen - needs to make playoffs to save his job
Reich - safe but Tepper you never know 50-50
Bowles - needs to make playoffs to save his job
Smith - imo needs to make playoffs to save his job

NFC West
Carroll - Safe
Shanahan - Safe
McVay - Safe - the wentz acqusition is very interesting for 2024. flirted with retirement last offseason.
Gannon - safe

8 potential openings in NFC. maybe a retirement.

there could be 25% to 33% of league trying to find new Head Coaches.

the odds well find someone better than Daboll with this many openings is very low.

WFT and NE will pay top dollar for their guys, we probably cant compete contract wise.

we arent the eagles here. we dont have a process to find great HCs time after time. daboll might be the best we can do.

if bill/mcdermott get let go - la fleur hired in 2019 will be the 8th most tenured head coach in the nfl.

you just have to stick with it if you are mara, but daboll has got to show some life any life these last 8 games.
I think  
VanillaVick : 11/14/2023 12:17 am : link
We see some coordinator changes this off season like with Coughlins first few years. Hufnagl and Tim Lewis were both fired before we had Gilbride and Spags.
McDermott 50/50 if they  
MookGiants : 11/14/2023 12:37 am : link
miss the playoffs? If the Bills miss the playoffs this year I have the same chance to be the Bills coach in 2024 as McDermott does.

He should have been fired after last season. Zero percent chance he survives if they miss the playoffs this year
I don't agree  
MookGiants : 11/14/2023 12:42 am : link
on Stefanski. It wouldn't be the most shocking thing ever to see him get fired if they miss the playoffs but I think even if they miss the playoffs he will be back. They're playing in the best division in football have had major injuries including missing Watson for a few weeks and they are still playing very good football.
Other thoughts  
MookGiants : 11/14/2023 12:47 am : link
I dont think Wentz signing means anything for 2024. He's not going to be part of the Rams long term future at QB or any other team for that matter. They signed him only because of Stafford's injury and Brett Rypien being atrocious in his one start and being awful to begin with.

Rivera gun to my head I think he gets fired but don't think it's a lock.

I don't think LaFleur is safe in GB. I lean towards him staying but not ultra confident in that.

Not sure I'd say Belichick is a clear goner  
jinkies : 11/14/2023 1:53 am : link
There's intrigue there for sure. A top QB pick could rejuvenate Little Bill and Kraft could probably be convinced to go along. I could see it go either way.
Stefanski isn’t going anywhere  
Dang Man : 11/14/2023 5:30 am : link
He has that team playing well. He gets a pass last year. Tough to win with Jacoby Brissett as your QB for most of the season.
jvm52106 : 11/14/2023 6:23 am : link
Is not safe!
RE: Vrabel  
bigbluewillrise : 11/14/2023 9:41 am : link
In comment 16288354 jvm52106 said:
Is not safe!

vrabel would be picked it a ny minute if he got let go.
he would be a HC in a day or two.
I can’t stand the Jests and don’t think much of Saleh as a HC,  
Spider56 : 11/14/2023 12:48 pm : link
But he has built 1 heckuva defense, which is what he knows best. He can blame this year on the QB and gets 1 more year to try to get them into the playoffs.
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