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Message from Dan Campbell: Just Wear A Diaper!

gidiefor : Mod : 11/14/2023 5:43 pm
Yes - he's saying it to Detroit fans, and Yes it's about his proclivity for 4th down plays... but seriously some of you could benefit from following his advice
Link - ( New Window )
I love his moxie  
Mayo2JZ : 11/14/2023 10:01 pm : link
and it is reflected in his team
You have to respect what Campbell  
Mike from Ohio : 11/15/2023 9:24 am : link
is accomplishing with that franchise. He is turning a perennial loser into a team that wins and is fun to watch.
How can you not be pulling for that team?  
Dave in PA : 11/15/2023 9:45 am : link
Former hard working Giant as HC, incredibly long-suffering fan base in a crumbled city, nothing flashy. I hope they win it all.
I love what Campbell is doing in DET  
logman : 11/15/2023 10:45 am : link
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