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Transcript: Inside Linebacker Bobby Okereke

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/16/2023 5:09 pm
Inside Linebacker Bobby Okereke

Q. Have you played 100% of snaps before in the past?

A: Yeah, I think in 2021 I played 100% of snaps defensively. In 2022 I played 98, so I try to do as best a job as I can taking care of my body.

Q. Do you remember the ones you missed last year?

A: Do I remember the one? Yeah, I think it was for my broken pinky.

Q. Lame excuse.

A: (Laughs). For real.

Q. Washington has become such a pass-first team, you say to the defense, 'Oh, we got to stop the run' Is there a change of thinking when you play a team that passes so much?

A: A little bit. I mean, they do have very dynamic running backs. So, when a team can pass and run it makes it very difficult, so obviously you have to stop the run and put them in passing situations, but they are a dynamic offense. (Eric) Bieniemy is a great offensive coordinator. (Commanders quarterback) Sam Howell is throwing the ball really well and they have very dynamic receivers so we'll just be excited for the challenge.

Q. You were talking about it a little bit earlier, how are you feeling?

A: Good, feeling good.

Q. What's the situation?

A: Yeah, just maintenance on my hip. Yeah, I mean obviously a long, long season so just some wear and tear, some inflammation that I'm trying to get to calm down so I can feel fresh, 100% on game day.

Q. Is that inflammation is it calmed down today?

A: Yeah, did a lot of stuff yesterday and that's why I was out there running around, felt really good today. So, we'll just keep an eye on it, just more precautionary than anything.

Q. Do you think they will implement a rest day each week going forward? Has that been a discussion in practice?

A: Not really, I don't like missing days so if I don't have to there's no need.

Q. When you guys traded (defensive lineman) Leonard Williams there were a lot of guys in the locker room who maybe didn't understand it or didn't like the message that it sent and

the two games the defense has struggled since. Is there a correlation there? Like, frustration, not understanding the team direction leading to on-field struggles?

A: No, I wouldn't say – I mean I think anytime you lose a captain and such a dynamic player as Leonard Williams, you are going to feel that impact, but it's just extra onus for all of us. Whether it's defensive line, linebackers, or secondary step up and make up for the play because Leonard's a great player.

Q. So it's more about missing his physical ability than it is not understanding the team's direction or anything like that?

A: For sure. I mean, I wouldn't say it's a direct one-to-one correlation, I mean obviously, it's a lot of variables but it's just definitely an area we can step up.

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