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NFT: Ted Lasso - Spoilers

UConn4523 : 11/17/2023 9:55 am
big news
Ted Lasso - ( New Window )
Man this just made my day  
Danny Kanell : 11/17/2023 10:31 am : link
We just finished it. Honestly in my top 5 favorite shows of all time.
No more Ted Lasso?  
Jim in Fairfax : 11/17/2023 10:46 am : link
darn right  
Eric on Li : 11/17/2023 11:30 am : link
there was never going to a complete ending of the lasso universe, only question was what form it would take on going forward. at some point enough of the key people involved were going to figure something out that excited them (and paid a lot better than whatever other projects were offered to them).
lol that group was a delight  
ColHowPepper : 11/17/2023 11:44 am : link
even when I wanted to skewer Nate with a pitchfork and clang a shovel on to Ted's head: Give 'em hell.
It’s one of the few shows that puts a smile on my face  
UConn4523 : 11/17/2023 12:17 pm : link
when watching. I’ll laugh at other shows, but that’s just more waiting for punchlines. Ted Lasso is just a good time even during episodes that don’t fully hit.
YEA YEA buddy said life is so depressing now for NY Sports  
GiantBlue : 11/17/2023 1:10 pm : link
fans.......Especially Giants fans....

But I am lifted out of the doldrums with this news! I loved and love this show. My wife and I are watching it over again!

Season 4! Hooray!

Season 5?????? Keep it coming!!!!
Season 3 was excellent  
sb from NYT Forum : 11/18/2023 12:31 am : link
I was worried after Season 2 that it might get stale, but no, right back to Season 1 quality.
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