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Transcript: Head Coach Brian Daboll

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/17/2023 2:26 pm
Head Coach Brian Daboll

November 17, 2023

Q: Concussion guys, how are they doing?

A: They are going to practice today. (Cornerback) Adoree’ (Jackson) won’t play. The other two guys will practice today, they’ll meet with the independent (neurological consultant) after practice. We’ll see where we are at after practice. And (tackle) Evan (Neal) won’t play. Those two guys.

Q: How about (outside linebacker) Azeez (Ojulari), he popped up on the injury report. Did something happen or?

A: No, he’ll be good.

Q: A more maintenance type thing with him with that ankle?

A: Yeah.

Q: Plan going forward probably follow that?

A: Follow maintenance?

Q: Take it easy on him as he gets back from the ankle each week as we go forward.

A: Yeah, see how he is after a game, recovery process, make decisions based off that.

Q: Kicker decision this week still TBD?

A: Yep.

Q: Is there a message to your players in terms of continuing to fight, what have you said to your players about the record if you’ve addressed or the season as it’s gone.

A: Yeah, can’t do much about that right now. Do what we need to do each week to try and play our best on Sunday.

Q: Are you seeing that on the practice field? I mean, I’m not sure you would tell us if you weren’t, to be fair, but what are you seeing on the practice field that says this team is still engaged?

A: Sure. Right mindset, right approach, engaged. Come out and have good practices. Good work ethic.

Q: I think you said last week something about like (quarterback) Matt Barkley, having to get him up to speed, where is he at as far as that process?

A: Yeah, making good progress.

Q: Did he get some first team reps Wednesday?

A: (Quarterback Tommy) DeVito, DeVito gets the reps. Barkley gets the show team.

Q: I only ask because he was limited.

A: Yeah, Barkley gets the show – DeVito, yeah, DeVito gets the reps and Barkley gets the show team reps.

Q: I know you are starting DeVito, but is Matt Barkley ready to play in a game?

A: Yeah, he’s prepared. He stays here late, meet with him as much as we have to. I think (quarterbacks coach) Shea (Tierney) and (offensive coordinator Mike) Kafka do a good job with those guys. Spend a lot of time with both of them. DeVito is obviously a young player and Matt’s new, so a lot of work in that area.

Q: After a couple of weeks, can you do more with Tommy? You know, open up the playbook more, things like that.

A: I think we try to do what we need to each week based on who we are playing, based on the comfort level of the quarterback. We don’t put restrictions on what we put in, it’s more what he feels comfortable with.

Q: I’m not sure we asked you this exactly, but especially with Tommy when he was the backup, why don’t you give your backup – what’s the line of thinking between not giving your backup as least some first team reps to get them ready because as it turned out he ended up coming in two consecutive games.

A: Well, when it’s the backup to the backup, you got to get the backup ready to play, to start, so.

Q: He was just the backup, that’s what I’m talking about.

A: Yeah, he was the backup to (quarterback) Tyrod (Taylor), who wasn’t the starter, so you got to give Tyrod as much work as he can get and then when it’s DeVito’s turn to start, now you’ve got to give as much work to DeVito as you can get and work with Barkley in individual routes and things like that, but the guys that haven’t had a ton of reps, in terms of backup players, backup quarterbacks, you want to give them as much reps as you can get when they are the starter.

Q: Specific to the wide receiver position, how hard is it to get evaluations on those guys right now when the rest of the passing attack is not performing as well and obviously, they are dependent on that. How hard is it to get evaluations on your receivers because the stats don’t match up, but you need to evaluate them without stats?

A: Yeah, really with every position, if they are doing their job, their alignment, their assignment, they’re where they’re supposed to be, they are playing with good effort, good intensity, no different than any position.

Q: We see Tyrod out here doing some running and cutting. He appears to us; it looks like he’s doing alright. You got anything updated? Any more encouragement on him?

A: He’s making progress, yep. Making progress.

Q: I don’t think we asked you this week, but I mean you were there for a while, just what’s your reaction to Buffalo with the Ken Dorsey firing?

A: Well Ken – much like, I think Pat, you asked this about Josh McDaniels, same thing. He’s a friend, first and foremost. I know him, his wife, his two young girls, so that’s really all it is. I’ve got enough on my plate to focus on Washington here.
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