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Fantasy Football - Trade Deadline

pjcas18 : 11/18/2023 12:16 pm
so our trade deadline is today.

My team is 2 games out of a playoff spot and a path to get there at 4-6 but it's a long shot. I have a decent team but no depth (Mahomes, Ekeler, J. Williams, Hockenson, Cooper, etc.)

My question as I debate playing for next year.

Would you make this trade?

I give:
someone else not too relevant

I get:
CJ Stroud (8th round keeper)
Quentin Johnson (16th round keeper)

I think this would still make me competitive (if stroud stays hot) but also gives me a decent keeper option in Stroud. QJ is just a lottery ticket.

I think the other owner would do it - he's offered Stroud to me in trades.
If you can’t keep Mahomes  
ajr2456 : 11/18/2023 1:35 pm : link
I would.

I just flipped Waddle, Taylor, Lawrence for McCaffery, Keaton Mitchell and Dotson with the guy who had Burrow.
allstarjim : 11/18/2023 2:03 pm : link
I would make the trade.

QJ might even have a late season surge, giving you an option besides Cooper, who is going to have a tough go without Watson at QB.
I have a start/sit question  
allstarjim : 11/18/2023 3:42 pm : link
Standard's a small league, hence the good options for this flex question:


Saquon @ Wash
Tank Dell vs Ari (Noah Brown is Questionable but was a DNP all week)
T.J. Hockenson @ Den (even though Denver has been playing much better defense lately, they've still been bad defending the TE, averaging +23.9% fantasy points over the NFL average over the last 3 weeks, +24.2% over the last 5 weeks.

Seems crazy to bench Saquon, but this offense is that bad, can't find any upside, whereas I think there is considerable upside with both of the other options.

Hockenson targets over the last 6 weeks  
allstarjim : 11/18/2023 3:51 pm : link
Starting from week 5: 8, 8, 12, 9, 12, 15. 69 targets in that span. Converting to 41 catches for 427 yards and 2 TDs in that span.

Last week with Dobbs at QB, 11 catches on 15 targets for 134 yards and a score.

I have LaPorta (vs Chi) in my starting lineup right now, so as a follow up, perhaps the play is to bench LaPorta and play Dell or Saquon in the flex with Hock at TE?

Dell is a big play machine but is a little more TD-dependent, but he's coming off 2 weeks in a row with double-digit targets.
I hate to rely  
pjcas18 : 11/18/2023 3:58 pm : link
on Saquon.

I would go Hockenson - he has the highest floor IMO.

assuming some level of ppr.

for reference fantasypros says 57% Dell (their ranking of the three is Dell, Hockenson, Barkley), when I plug in all 3 players and if I remove Dell, Hockenson is 87% over Barkley, Dell is 63% vs Hockenson and Dell vs Barkley is 72% Dell.

this is ppr.

Agreed PJ  
allstarjim : 11/19/2023 12:31 am : link
I feel gross about benching Barkley, but I'm gonna do it.
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