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Setting the draft up trying to get a young

MotownGIANTS : 11/19/2023 5:10 pm
upcoming OL in FA would be ideal. Someone like Phil Haynes (SEA) or Robert Hunt in (MIA). The flexbility we already have would be enhanced a decent amount. Maybe even RFA for a mid rder and a future mid rder in '25.

We have other needs but OL improvement would benefit us the most ...

Is there some detail about RFA that handicaps GMs from these types of deals?

Jay on the Island : 11/19/2023 5:14 pm : link
will be UFA's if they don't sign an extension. Miami is screwed after they pay Tua this offseason. They have three starting OL about to hit free agency in RT Austin Jackson, Robert Hunt, and C Connor Williams.
Sammo85 : 11/19/2023 5:35 pm : link
are very likely to target a young G to plug in there on right side. Can totally see that in FA. They still should invest in a pick somewhere to add G for depth.
bluefin : 11/19/2023 6:06 pm : link
RE: Fashanu  
Earl the goat : 11/19/2023 7:40 pm : link
In comment 16295530 bluefin said:

Or Beebe
RT in Rd 1, G in RD 2. They build a great oline!.  
Jack Stroud : 11/19/2023 8:32 pm : link
RE: RT in Rd 1, G in RD 2. They build a great oline!.  
ajr2456 : 11/19/2023 10:09 pm : link
In comment 16295831 Jack Stroud said:

Just stop this
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