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Thank goodness for the Redskins/FT/Commannders

truebluelarry : 11/19/2023 6:28 pm
Some historical and recent minutiae to ponder after a rare win this afternoon.

The Giants 107 wins over the Washington franchise (whatever name they happen to be going by) is the most by one franchise over another in NFL history.

Since 1932 the Giants record vs Washington is 107-70-5

Next best are the Bears over the Lions at 104-77-5
and the Packers over the Lions at 103-76-7

Of recent vintage, we all know the Giants horrible record since winning Super Bowl XLVI.
Since the franchise collapse in 2013, the Giants record is 64-108-1, a pathetic winning percentage of 0.373.
Despite their overall ineptness, the Giants have continued their reign over Washington, sporting a winning record of 14-6-1.
Removing the Washington games from the Giants overall totals they drop to 50-102 for a winning percentage of 0.329.

The Giants haven't been able to win one-third of their games against the rest of the league, yet somehow they continue to be the nemesis of Washington.
I am periodically amazed  
George : 11/19/2023 6:35 pm : link
That the Lions even have a fan base.
my favorites  
bluefin : 11/19/2023 6:36 pm : link
the 3-game sweep over a very good Redskins team in 1986
RE: my favorites  
Giants86 : 11/19/2023 8:41 pm : link
In comment 16295577 bluefin said:
the 3-game sweep over a very good Redskins team in 1986

Think about it. 3 game sweep over the skins
2 wins against Niners
2 against Denver
1 against Dallas and Landry

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