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crying in your beer

Hilary : 11/20/2023 6:16 am
crying in your beer about the win

Brock Purdy Mr Irrelevant
Aaron Rogers # 24
Lamar Jackson # 32
Patrick Mahomes #10
Jaylon Hurts round 2
Dak Prescott round 4
Geno Smith round 2
Russell Wilson round 3

I am not SY but I thought that Caleb Williams holds the ball
a really long time much more than you can do art Met Life

let's root for our team to win and draft well.
Just like your list  
Gman11 : 11/20/2023 6:32 am : link
there is another one with a bunch of top 10 QBs that were failures.
I am with you Hilary.  
section125 : 11/20/2023 6:33 am : link
I am a fan with not very much technical knowledge, but it is finally plain to me Jones just does not see the field fast enough to ever amount to a big time starter. IMHO, if they can get a guy that can just see the field quickly(ala Purdy) with an accurate and decent arm(no need for full on Josh Allen) they will win.
No doubt getting one of Williams, Maye or Daniels would be wonderful, but perhaps a Nix type would vastly improve the offense. Watching DeVito start making plays is something and watching him hold the ball reminds me of Jones. Difference is DeVito has three games and made a jump in each one. (Yes Washington is not a great defense)

Anyway, play the games. Draft where you draft. Trade back if you need to and just get players that upgrade any position. Still need ER, CB, IOL and DT help in addition to a QB.
I agree with Hilary  
GruningsOnTheHill : 11/20/2023 6:34 am : link
As we Giants fans have seen over these last 10-12 largely painful years, the draft is a crap shoot. I'm glad they won yesterday, because 2-15 would completely crush the morale and culture of this young organization. I will say this: while last year's team may have outplayed their pythagorean win expectancy, I don't think this year's lineup is as disastrous as their record shows. Yes, you can play the "coulda-shoulda" game down the rabbit hole, but even just a modicum of better decision-making in the BUF and JET games, and this is essentially a .500 team.

Things aren't quite as bleak as they appear on the surface for NYG.
Stick a decent QB in a functional offense  
AnnapolisMike : 11/20/2023 6:39 am : link
And the results are going to be good usually. Until the Giants fix the OL, nothing they do matters.
Mdgiantsfan : 11/20/2023 7:25 am : link
Drafts are indeed a crap shoot, but there's no denying the fact that the higher you pick the better the chances of you getting a game changing player. Of course you have many examples of late round players that go on to have stellar careers. But I'd imagine that the odds significantly favor first rounders (end specifically top 5 picks) that far out perform other selections throughout the draft.

It was good seeing Big Blue finally put a solid game together and get a W yesterday. It always makes DC sports talk radio a good listen:). But I'm still hoping for a chance to select Williams or Make...or any other blue chip QB that rises to the top during the draft evaluation process. Because sadly, Tyrod and Devito (yesterday) looked decent and some could argue better than DJ which is not a ringing endorsement. And I'm not a DJ basher but his play this year has been tough to deal with.
I'm having 90s flashbacks  
penkap75 : 11/20/2023 8:29 am : link
DJ=Dave Brown
TT=Kent Graham
Devito=Danny Kannel
Great point  
UberAlias : 11/20/2023 8:31 am : link
So what you're saying, is that all of those guys were available for the first overall pick, in addition to: CJ Stroud, Trevor Lawrence, Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert, etc....
SirLoinOfBeef : 11/20/2023 8:33 am : link
Who would you like the Giants to draft next year?
I still want to be in striking range of trading up to #2 or #3  
stoneman : 11/20/2023 8:37 am : link
to get Harrison Jr. Being near 5-7 would still be reachable, not costing 2 firsts.
RE: Stick a decent QB in a functional offense  
I Love Clams Casino : 11/20/2023 8:44 am : link
In comment 16296145 AnnapolisMike said:
And the results are going to be good usually. Until the Giants fix the OL, nothing they do matters.

I’ll say it again  
djm : 11/20/2023 9:11 am : link
We should be concerned or observant in how this team and staff responds after getting their teeth kicked in the first half of the year. You don’t see many coaches come back and sustain something special when they go this bad or when they go to 2-15 or 3-14. Not saying you can’t or can’t happen. I’m not saying that if we go seven and 10 it’s going to carry over into a good year next year. But if you look at the history of the New York Giants, their good coaching staff/ good teams don’t typically completely collapse prior to a good year.

In short, you should want to see Daboll and this team win ugly games here down the stretch as it can bode well for the future. While the allure of the best draft pic ever is enticing the downside to a collapsing system is far more detrimental, in my view. It’s not necessarily the wins and losses here, it’s the meaning behind them.

One step at a time. Beat the stupid pats next week go from there.
djm : 11/20/2023 9:13 am : link
It’s fucking November. It’s one thing to get hung up on a week 16 or week 17 meaningless win but it’s entirely something else when we have fans losing their minds in early November about the team winning a football game. Get a grip.
Bringing up good QBs who didn't go early  
UberAlias : 11/20/2023 9:40 am : link
Is missing the point. You can only draft who is available at the time of your pick (without trade, which is costly). Every single QB in the history of the game was available with the #1 overall pick. Many were not available later in the round. There is no way around not having to pick the right guy at the end of the day, but the point is ---the top prospects always go extremely high and there is not an unlimited number of good ones in every draft. Your best chance, by far, at having a guy available at the time of your pick who grades out by your assessment is to have a top 1-2-3 pick.
The related question is  
KeoweeFan : 11/20/2023 9:42 am : link
how many QBs are in the "second tier" not because they lack the physical attributes or potential but because they will need another year of seasoning under qualified QB coaching to be a "year one" starter? (That coaching is supposed to be a NYG strength.)

Of course that is also a bit of a gamble.
Biteymax22 : 11/20/2023 9:47 am : link
How much better we all thought Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen were than Josh Allen?

You always want a higher draft pick, you always want the top guy, but we all need to remember its no guarantee. Flash back to people being livid we beat the (at the time) Redskins and wound up with just Andrew Thomas instead of Chase Young...
Ya know…  
Dnew15 : 11/20/2023 9:55 am : link
Both Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen would have been all-pros if they had a better OL and receiving targets…

Just sayin.
RE: Stick a decent QB in a functional offense  
Dinger : 11/20/2023 9:55 am : link
In comment 16296145 AnnapolisMike said:
And the results are going to be good usually. Until the Giants fix the OL, nothing they do matters.

Agreed, but will add that if you can scheme around a sub par OL (quick throws etc) and get a QB who can function in that scheme you can survive. QB availability is also a factor.
RE: I'm having 90s flashbacks  
PepperJ52 : 11/20/2023 10:04 am : link
In comment 16296265 penkap75 said:
DJ=Dave Brown
TT=Kent Graham
Devito=Danny Kannel

Strongly disagree. The Kannel-Devito comparison is probably the closest, but Tommy has a much better arm. Like Dave Brown, Jones has been sacked a ton and probably suffered psychologically, too, but he is a far superior athlete with much better stats and a playoff win on his resume.
There’s no comparing TT to Graham, who had a cannon for an arm, but not nearly as much accuracy and had little mobility. A big, strong QB, but a real plodder. And, TT also has a playoff win and a Pro Bowl on his resume.
Older fans will recall  
PepperJ52 : 11/20/2023 10:06 am : link
the boos that rained down when it was announced the Giants selected The Great (as Bill Parcells always referred to him) Phil Simms as their first pick.
also what if Devito is  
giantsFC : 11/20/2023 5:39 pm : link
Kurt Warner
Tony Romo
Marc Bulger
even dare i say Jeff Hostettler?

Adds a wild card to this equation. I like the drama of this guy who looked like garbage at first all of a sudden playing well.

I recall Romo looking like garbage his first game v us.

Jones, Devito, and drafted QB make a heck of a lot better depth than any Giants team in decadeds.
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