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Monday Transcript: Wide Receiver Wan'Dale Robinson

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/20/2023 2:59 pm
Wide Receiver Wan'Dale Robinson

Q. How satisfying was the block on (running back) Saquon's (Barkley) run and what was the reaction when you guys, I assume you've already had it, or do you anticipate a reaction when that gets shown in the team meeting?

A: Well, we haven't had a team meeting yet, I'm sure we will wait for that on Wednesday, but I mean it was pretty exciting. I knew whenever we had the play called, I knew that I would have a pretty big block on that play so got my chin strap ready to go and was ready to go and made the big block.

Q. Think you were underestimated a little bit coming across that way?

A: I'm sure by a lot of people I am, so I like to say that I'm strong, especially for my size so probably brings people a little surprise whenever I go out there.

Q. What is it about you guys as a team right, look you've been losing a lot, you won yesterday but your head coach wants to keep it this way right? Even. And it seems like your locker room has for the most part been that way even when you have losing and certainly yesterday when you won. Is there something to that he kind of wants it that way and what does he do to keep it that way?

A: I mean yeah, he keeps us even keel. I mean at the end of the day, you can't get too high, you can't get too low, so this is the National Football League and each week you got to go out and prepare and go out and try to win the games. We just have to continue to do that, and each week just try to go out and get better and hope for the best result on Sunday.

Q. How does the head coach do that? He's a very emotional guy in practice and in games but coming off the field he seems to turn that off.

A: He just does a good job of talking to us. Us as players, we have to talk with each other too. I mean at the end of the day we are the ones going out there and competing and doing that. It falls on us to go out there and do our jobs and make sure that we are just doing the right things every week.

Q. Can you take me through your role in that Saquon run as descriptively as you can if that's possible?

A: Yeah, I mean it's a pull play and I'm the first puller. We have (wide receiver) Shep(ard Sterling) going down and Belly (tight end Daniel Bellinger) going down and making some down blocks and then I'm the first puller with the kick out. So, just saw the corner and he started to come at me, which kind of made my job a little bit easier, but I had the first kick-out block and then the linemen did their jobs from there.

Q. Without being corny, I'm corny sometimes. Is that a neat play because so many guys are involved in it? I mean, Saquon scores the touchdown of course but it's with A, B, C, D, and E all falling into place?

A: Oh yeah, definitely. I mean I think that's kind of what every play is in football, just not everybody realizes everything that's going on, especially on the offensive side of the ball. It usually takes all 11, it can't just be one guy making the play, so we all have to work to execute.

Q. How is Saquon in terms of reacting after he scores, but again all of you did so much work as well?

A: Oh, I mean he's excited, we are all excited, he's just going back over 'let's just go do it again' and keep it going. So, he's staying even keel just knowing that we got to go out there and do more so.

Q. I was going to ask you, one of the things I've noticed this year is you've done a very good job of catching the ball and then immediately turning upfield. Is that something you've always done or is that something I'm just probably noticing this year?

A: I feel like I've done that throughout my whole career and everything that I've done. Now just starting to feel healthier and healthier, being able to do more, just feeling more confident out there.

Q. The other thing I was going to ask you about is why didn't the zebra protect you on the sideline yesterday?

A: I don't know, I can't answer that. I'm sure if I said anything else I might get a fine letter in my locker room, so we'll just leave it at that. At the end of the day, we got the win and that's what I'm happy about.
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