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Hypothetical: If NFL trade deadline was this week, do Giants

Rory : 11/20/2023 6:14 pm
do more and move more veteran pieces?

The injury to Burrow/Watson got me thinking that NFL might move deadline later into the season next year so teams are not completely dead if they suffer a QB injury late in the season.

That said, and coming off a win but still a busted season along with our starting and backup QB's out, would the Giants move more pieces?

When we traded LW both Jones & AT were just getting back on the field ...

I'm thinking Adoree Jackson, McKinney, any of our offensive lineman and possibly even SB would be moved
I do think a later deadline makes sense  
dancing blue bear : 11/20/2023 6:17 pm : link
and is likely going to happen eventually.

I don't think anyone wanted adoree (and he is injured again) X may be in the long term plans, still, and i think SB is as well.
Spider43 : 11/20/2023 6:21 pm : link
We still seem to be operating in the Stone Ages with our blinders on, Big Cat aside (directive from above?). Until we're mathematically eliminated we'll still 'fight' on because...

So no, I don't think we'd move more pieces, even if given a chance.
Take a guy like Jackson for a minute.  
PetesHereNow : 11/20/2023 6:31 pm : link
Would you want to take his contract for the level of play you get? If you’re a contender, you can get that level of production from someone on your practice squad, so why would you be willing to give the Giants a 4th for him?

The only players on the Giants with any kind of trade value are either not going to be traded like Dex, Thomas, or Saquon or no one else would want them.
Why is there a trade deadline at all?  
FranknWeezer : 11/20/2023 6:59 pm : link
Is it to keep teams who are clearly out of the running from purging roster talent and allowing better teams to increase their chances to take it all the way?
I feel like its a fine line  
j_rud : 11/20/2023 7:05 pm : link
when you plan on moving forward with the coach. Really easy to lose the locker room when it's obvious you're tanking, and that's not something you can just turn off and on like a switch.

I'm sure teams called. And I'm sure Schoen picked up the phone because he's not a hubris machine. So if it were extended I guess the phones would still be ringing. Because there are some talented pieces on this roster. And I'm sure he'd have balanced the return with the risk as well as the future of the player in question and gone from there.

Schoen appears to be pretty pragmatic. So while boring the answer to most roster questions is going to be "If he thought it would benefit the team, sure".
mfjmfj : 11/21/2023 7:06 am : link
we don't know what was discussed. I don't think any of our players were likely to get much in trade. They are short term rentals. Only Barkley stands out as significantly above replacement value and he is expensive.

Further, for anybody who is likely to be a top level free agent, it is hard to give them up for much less than a 3rd or maybe a 4th since they may generate a comp pick anyway. That calculation is uncertain, but the Giants should have a pretty solid opinion as to likelihood next year.

If I were GM of another team I would not make a serious offer for anyone on the Giants unless I thought SB were the final piece, or if I thought McKinney could be the answer. Even then I would not give up as much as we got for LW.
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