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We need a duel informational scenario thread:Draft vs 7 seed

RELICDOA : 11/20/2023 8:46 pm
Similar to those choose your own destiny books….
If we win it breaks down who we need to root for to sneak into the 7th seed. If we lose break down draft positioning… we have something to look forward to either way! 😂

Jets & Buffalo games are going to haunt us if we can string a few wins together.
the 4-7 teams  
dancing blue bear : 11/20/2023 8:48 pm : link
are "in the hunt" on one graphic i saw today.

damn shame this season went off the rails.

I think 9-8 is a lock for a WC

8-9 might get 'er done
To each  
SirLoinOfBeef : 11/20/2023 9:08 pm : link
I suppose.
This is crazy  
patiohimself : 11/20/2023 10:34 pm : link
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