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Transcript: Wide Receiver Darius Slayton

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/22/2023 5:15 pm
Wide Receiver Darius Slayton

Q. Can you explain how you walk off like this, and he says your neck hurts?

A: There's a nerve in your neck and basically, I injured that nerve in my neck, and it prefers all the way down your arm, makes your arm numb. I was just holding my arm, so it wasn't just flopping there. My arm went numb for a little bit there, but I'm alright.

Q. Do you think you may go this weekend?

A: Yeah, I plan to as long as I keep making positive progress.

Q. It happened on that play or is it something that happened before? How did it actually –

A: Earlier in the game I got tackled and it kind of felt a little numb. I kind of shook it off and didn't think anything of it but then obviously, I got hit pretty good there the second time, so it tends to get your attention (laughs). It wasn't (anything) too serious. I'll be alright.

Q. It's tough, you were having a pretty good game there…

A: Yeah, we were rolling, you know. It would've been nice to finish it out to see where we could've ended up, but it wasn't meant to be.

Q. Did you feel like the touchdown was long overdue?

A: It was nice to get back into the end zone (laughs).

Q. Was that something you had planned when you saw he started slowing up, so you slowed up then sped up?

A: Yeah, once I caught it, you try to find a defender and figure out what they're going to do. Normally, I'm fast so I feel like if I can get you to stop, I'll start faster than you can start and fortunately it worked out for me there.

Q. And your boy (quarterback) Tommy's (DeVito) playing okay?

A: Yeah, he's doing a great job right now. I think he's showing a lot of poise. The first throw he threw to me was a big-time throw. Confidence, he threw it with some speed, got it in between those zone defenders so I think his confidence is growing as he plays. I'm excited for him.

Q. There a lot of like timing on that type of throw. What's it like building that? Obviously, with (quarterback) Daniel (Jones) you played a ton, with (quarterback) Tyrod (Taylor) you've had a decent amount of reps. What's it like trying to build that on the fly with a quarterback?

A: It's a little different because, like I said, a throw like that is, you don't know. It's like a three-level concept so (wide receiver) Wan'Dale (Robinson), I believe, was in on that play, he could've easily took him underneath. But it was third and a little bit longer and he hung on for a second and he zips it in there to me for a first down. Those are the types of things that quarterbacks grow into, but I think it just shows his confidence and his poise and how prepared he is to play.

Q. Are you kind of learning him? Like some plays you run in the game, you don't run very much but kind of…

A: Yeah, sometimes, or just ideas he has. Every quarterback is different. Some quarterbacks like to push it down the field or like to get it out quick, whatever, so sometimes it is. He'll say something during a game, something he likes or something that he thinks that we can exploit and as a receiver you try to do your best to get to those spots and get the ball.
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