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FSU’s Jordan Travis as a developmental QB pick?

Tony in Tampa : 11/24/2023 12:22 pm
Got to figure he’ll be out for a year or more. He’s a talented athletic QB who, before the injury may or may not have been selected in the 1st. With all the QBs in this 24 draft I’m guessing due to the injury he’ll be a 2-3rd rnd developmental pick.

If the Giants don’t go QB in the first should Travis be considered say as a 3rd rnd pick or with the 2nd of their rnd 2picks? He would be in a similar situation to Hendon Hooker last yr. Travis would be able to sit and learn behind DJ next yr while he rehabs the leg.

On the negative side, he’s just 6’1 and his success may be a product of the FSU offensive talent and system. Also we don’t know how he’ll recover from the surgery on a severe injury.
obviously it depends on the medicals  
Giantsfan79 : 11/24/2023 1:22 pm : link
But I'd suggest waiting until next year's draft if they pass on a QB early rather than roll the dice on damaged goods just because they're available. A Day 2 pick needs to contribute more immediately.
Travis wouldn't be a third round pick healthy...  
Anakim : 11/24/2023 1:49 pm : link
I wouldn't look at him unless he was an UDFA
Let’s see how FSU does the rest of the year without him.  
Spider56 : 11/24/2023 3:13 pm : link
That will be a gauge of what he meant to the team.
RE: Travis wouldn't be a third round pick healthy...  
section125 : 11/24/2023 5:46 pm : link
In comment 16300125 Anakim said:
I wouldn't look at him unless he was an UDFA

He would definitely be a 3rd or 4th round pick. He still might be. It was an ankle, maybe a lower leg fracture?
The earliest I think anyone would consider  
allstarjim : 11/25/2023 12:29 am : link
Travis, if he were to have entered the draft healthy, is mid-4th round. Day 3 all the way. Not a knock. He's older, he is not an ideal prototype physically, and I believe his arm talent is below NFL average.

I should mention I am a big fan of FSU football, they are my college team.

That said, Travis does have good leadership qualities and intangibles, I think he feels pressure well/pocket awareness, and is an athletic, shifty runner with good football instincts.

With him hurt, I think it's more likely he goes undrafted or 7th round at best.

I absolutely would be in favor of the Giants signing him as a UDFA. The Giants sent their 7th rounder to Arizona for Simmons.

If the Giants came away with Jayden Daniels and Jordan Travis this offseason, I would count that as a huge win.

Travis could completely redshirt on IR focused on 2025 and rehabbing while the Giants have Daniels, Jones and Devito as active in the QB room.
DeVito is their developmental qb! If they pick a qb it should not be  
Jack Stroud : 11/25/2023 4:41 pm : link
before the 6th rd, way too many other needs.
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