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Post-Game Transcript: ILB Bobby Okereke

Eric from BBI : Admin : 11/26/2023 5:51 pm
NYG Postgame (vs. Patriots) Select Quotes: ILB Bobby Okereke

November 26, 2023

Q: Is there something true to having a nose for the ball, or I mean you have interceptions, you have forced fumbles, is there something to that or is that just a hot streak?

A: No, for sure. Instincts are a big part of this game and I think (Defensive Coordinator Don Martindale) Wink does a good job of letting me play to those instincts for sure. Shout out to one of my former running mates, (former Indianapolis Colts LB) Shaquille Leonard I got to watch him first-hand fly around, get forced fumbles, interceptions, fumble recoveries. So, I’m doing my best maniac impression.

Q: Did you feel like that was a momentum change, the interception?

A: For sure. Obviously, the return was big but just the energy on the sideline. I know our offense feeds off us and we fed off them.

Q: What’s been the difference with you guys as a defense? You’ve been creating a lot of turnovers recently, but that didn’t happen earlier in the season.

A: Yeah, it’s obviously always an ongoing and growing process. I think Wink’s done a great job just seeing what calls work to our strengths, giving us opportunities to play with instincts in coverage, and we mix it up with our blitzes and everything. He just does a great job calling the game and putting us in position to make plays.
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