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Transcript: Head Coach Brian Daboll

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/9/2023 1:07 pm
Head Coach Brian Daboll

December 9, 2023

Q: Who are your questionable guys for Monday night?

A: (Tight end Daniel Bellinger) Belly, he’s still home. Came in, still not feeling good so he’s home. (Defensive lineman) Dexter (Lawrence II), but he practiced yesterday. He’s going to practice, yeah. And he did some team stuff yesterday, so that was good, but he’ll be questionable, but he’ll practice again today. (Defensive lineman) A’Shawn (Robinson), I think he’ll be okay and (safety/inside linebacker) Isaiah Simmons. So those will be the four players and then (tackle) Evan (Neal), he will be out. I think that’s everybody.

Q: Do you feel confident about Dex? At least he’s trending in the right direction.

A: I’m hopeful. Yeah, he did some individual stuff yesterday and then he did team periods, which was a good thing to see. He’ll do the same thing today and hopefully he’ll be ready to go in a couple days here. That would be the plan.

Q: When (quarterback) Daniel (Jones) is your quarterback, Daniel is your quarterback, it’s not a week-to-week thing. Do you look at (quarterback) Tommy (DeVito) as your quarterback for the rest of the season or a week-to-week thing?

A: I’d say I’m just focused on this week; we’re doing everything we can do to get ready. So do everything you can do to get ready to play this game, which is a big game against a really good football team and really focused on that.

Q: Did you feel that it was important this week to send a message to your guys this week that the playoffs are still obtainable?

A: I try to take it week-to-week. Again, I saw what (running back) Saquon (Barkley) said. Look, the only thing that we can control is going out there and playing and coaching as good as we can control. Try to focus on that, have a good week of preparation, have a good week of practice, do all the necessary things we need to do to go out there on Monday night against a good team that’s playing well and play as good as we can play. That’s where we’re at here.

Q: Is A’Shawn in the category of you hope he plays?

A: I hope they all play. He practiced yesterday, was in a limited role but I’d say I’m hopeful for him as well. He did everything that we needed him to do but obviously, give him some time off and some reps off.

Q: You’re 0-4 in primetime this year –

A: Thanks for reminding me of that.

Q: I can tell you the score total if you want (laughs).

A: I know it, go ahead.

Q: I’m curious if you came into this week and decided to maybe tweak some things, alter some things?

A: Well, we had a bye week, too, leading up to it so a little bit different how we did a few things with the sports science, the scheduling, the practicing, all those types of things. Obviously not the results we want against any of those teams but trying to do everything we can do to change that stat you just gave me.

Q: Even with the bye week did you change anything else?

A: Yeah, we did. Again, we changed some of the stuff we do relative to the early parts of practice. What the offense is working on, what’s the defense working on, how many reps we do. We do that every week. It’s really not much different because it’s a primetime game. There’s always discussions on how can we optimize and make use of the things we need to make use of. Whether it’s technique, whether it’s group work, whether it’s meeting time, practice time, how long the periods go, is it six reps? Is it eight reps? Is it five reps? So, we try to do that every week. It’s a little bit different though because it was the bye, then coming off the bye, then playing on a Monday night, then there’s the next part of it too after that. So, try to just do what we can to give ourselves the best chance.

Q: I was wondering can you change anything on gameday? Because you have to wait all day to play –

A: Okay, I got you. I’d say it’s pretty similar. Maybe a little bit of difference in time of whether it’s meetings or a little bit of a walkthrough, same thing I’d say the day before, too. So we’ve made slight adjustments.

Q: Is there an area where (wide receiver Jalin) Hyatt has particularly improved as the season has gone along?

A: Well, I think the more you play, and again, I’ve coached this position and coached young players, whether it be (former wide receiver) Deion Branch or (former wide receiver) David Givens early in my career. Everybody, probably as they play, gets a little more comfortable and there’s a lot of different nuances and some of the stuff that the receivers have to do and he’s learned some different spots. We’ve kind of settled in on one spot, but he has the ability to play in a few different spots. I think experience helps, the competition that he goes against has helped, but the one thing I think that he does do a good job of is he’s really dedicated to trying to improve.
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