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Post-Game Transcript: K Randy Bullock

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/12/2023 1:10 am
NYG Postgame (vs. Packers) Select Quotes: K Randy Bullock

December 11, 2023

Q: Let’s talk about that first one that was from 48 yards; how much was the wind a factor and did it change and swirl during the course of the game that the conditions were different from the first quarter to the fourth?

A: Yes, I think it died down a little bit. Honestly, I kind of started it at the upright and the ball didn’t really move, so that was kind of what was different from what we had experienced in pre-game. I misjudged that first one and that was frustrating, so I was just really excited for the opportunity to redeem myself.

Q: From the time that they get the go-ahead point and now Tommy DeVito goes out there and has to take them down the field, what’re you thinking about in your mind? Are you visualizing the kick? Or are you just warming up your leg? How do you deal with things as they are trying to drive down the field for you?

A: As they were wrapping up the two-point conversion play, that was when I was starting to warm up and start my routine to kind of mentally prepare myself for an opportunity.

Q: What is the final preparation as you try to kick a game-winning field goal? You have done this for a long time in your career, and you have had many of them. What is the final preparation as you actually go out there from the sideline?

A: Just trust in your process; that is the biggest thing. You can’t overthink the moment and go out and bang it through and get a win for the team.

Q: Did you feel it right away? You knew that it was good?

A: I felt like I hit it really solid. I was excited for the opportunity to redeem myself and more than anything, help these guys get a win.

Q: Randy, when you join a team midseason like that, and you are not part of it from the whole way, does a moment like that make you feel like ‘Ok, now I’m really part of this thing and I got it rolling now’?

A: Yeah, it’s been a fun ride for me. It’s been kind of crazy the last few weeks just getting here and kind of getting thrown into the fire, but I will say this organization, the coaches, the players in the locker room, everybody has really embraced me and helped me along the way to acclimate and I have felt a part of it since I got here.
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