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Post-Game Transcript: Quarterback Tommy DeVito

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/17/2023 9:06 pm
Quarterback Tommy DeVito

(On why it was hard to get things going)

"We were just hurting ourselves in certain situations, some penalties, just not good."

(On the call to have him checked for a concussion)

"Yeah, I guess they called from upstairs and said they had to check me but I felt good."

(On if he felt the hit was clean)

"I don't know. It's football."

(On the difference from last week to today)

"I think they did a good job defensively. Just their D-line just, I guess just watched their film from what happened last week. They're just ensuring that wasn't going to happen again. They did a good job and we'll be better on offense."

(On what the Saints did differently to slow them down)

"Nothing too crazy. We just lacked execution on offense. We weren't good on third downs. We have to be better. I don't think we played with enough swagger. I put that on me because I'm like, I take that personally, as far as playing with energy, playing with juice. So I need to be better with that."

(On why there wasn't "swagger")

"I just feel like we kind of got in a little bit of a lull at times. I think it
just goes with the execution part. But just keep the energy high at all times."

(On the Saints defense sack celebrations)

"I didn't know until you just said it but it comes what you see in all sports everything with someone just does something and something else happens or it's going to retaliate but it's all fun and games, part of game."

(On the atmosphere in the Caesars Superdome)

"Yeah, it was cool atmosphere, I can say that. Obviously first time in the stadium. We anticipating it being loud, so we practiced a lot of loud music, especially that one song that was played. So that was... it was fun in that aspect of the game. But as far as we learned, just being more efficient on third downs. (The) Quarterback's jobs (is) to stay on the field, score points. So I need to find ways to keep those routes going."

(On the challenge of teams having more film on him now)

"I think teams do that to everybody. I just so happened to play some more football, so I have some more film. But the NFL is not easy. It is not for everybody. But it's our job to go out there. It's part of the job description to go out there, be ready to play against what they have."

(On Brian Daboll stating he's starting next week)

"He believes in me. I'm going to continue to try to earn his trust and all that each play that I'm on the field."

(On how he felt his performance was today)

"Average. Two things I want back for sure. I guess I just need to be that spark for the offense and just get us to score points more."

(On the two things)

"Probably the first one of the game to (Darius) Slayton. And then one to (Darren)
Waller on the right side in the fourth quarter."

(On how critical he is of himself)

"Very critical. I'm always harder on myself than anybody else but at the same time I'm realistic with myself. I don't want to try to beat myself up over things, but it's all learning experiences. A routine throw that I make 10 times out of 10 to Waller that I missed just cannot happen. So I'm going to beating myself up over that one for sure. But just watch the film, see what we could have done differently if I could have done anything different, then will go from there until next week."

(On what he makes of the seven sacks)

"It's a little bit of everything. I mean at times sometimes it's just the pressure look, sometimes it's a cover sack, sometimes I can get the ball out and I'd maybe just missed somebody. I mean it's all three of those that goes into it, I think I've said in the past just when we've had a couple other sack games just it's not just on the offensive line. It's not just on the quarterback, not just on the receivers kind of a different scenario every time."

(On how hard it is to be taken off and taken to the locker room before going back in)

"There was a little bumps in the road. I'll say just because I didn't get to have my halftime adjustments and all that and just like talk and just reset with the guys. But at the same time it's the job. You get thrown into it you're expected to play and do everything at your best which we got going at times, we just need to be more consistent."
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