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Post-Game Transcript: Linebacker Bobby Okereke

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/17/2023 9:07 pm
Linebacker Bobby Okereke

(On how Derek Carr was running the Saints offense that made it difficult to stop)

"He's a vet in this league and we didn't do a lot to get him off his rhythm. So, they were just executing. They were hitting their shots; they were hitting their check downs. Run game was bleeding on us. They just played a more complete game than we did."

(On not performing to expectations after a three-game win streak)

"It is tough. It is just one game. We have three more left so we'll watch the film from this, get the corrections done and move onto the next."

(On if they felt like they had an opportunity to turn it around going into the second half)

"Yeah we felt like we had an opportunity. Defensively we've been talking all week about embracing the challenge and really if we want to put our team in position to win it's got to be on us. Executing, creating turnovers, really just getting that momentum swinging coming out in the second half and having them
go down and drive and score, that's not what we need. We just got to do better from that standpoint"

(On having no turnovers today and if they are sometimes just lucky)

"Yeah it is just the flow of the game. But history tells if we get turnovers we'll win the game. So we just got to put an extra emphasis on that in practice, get out mindset right about that and we'll get a better result."
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