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Post-Game Transcript: Quarterback Tyrod Taylor

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/26/2023 8:48 am
Quarterback Tyrod Taylor

On when and how he heard he was going to play:

"In the halftime break. [Giants Head Coach Brian Daboll] told me he was going with me and to just go out there and do my thing and be ready."

On whether he felt like he was ready:

"Yes. I have said this from day one, ever since 2011 when I got drafted, I regardless of my position on the roster, I treat each and every day as if I was starting. I prepare mentally and physically with my mindset going into a game. I felt prepared. Obviously, it wasn't the outcome we wanted. It was close, but ultimately it wasn't the outcome we wanted."

On the final play directing traffic in the end zone:

"I was just trying to get some movement back there. I think there were some flags that could have been thrown, but that is not our place. I am here to play the game and ultimately, we weren't able to execute on that last play."

On who he was looking for on the final play of the game and whether it was one person:

"We were trying to get a bunch of movement. Obviously, on those last second plays, you are just trying to get a guy to get him one-on-one and a chance to make a play. Their guys were kind of restricting our guys physically without saying too much from making those plays. Like I said, it is not our job to make the calls. It is our job to go out there and play."

On whether he thinks the referees usually let the last few plays of games play out in his experience:

"That is what they say. That is not fair. If it's a call, call it. It shouldn't be a last play mentality. If it's a call, and if it's blatant, then it should be called. It should be honored like it is the first play of the game."

On his touchdown pass to WR Darius Slayton:

"[Inaudible] get Slayton on the safety, one-on-one. I like that match up as well as he does. He did a great job of tracking the ball and staying in at the end as well. Obviously, it was explosive for us and it put us back in the game where we needed to. We needed a quick score right there. [Inaudible] It was a good play by him and a great call by [Giants OC Mike Kafka]."

On how he would assess his play:

"At the end of the day, it wasn't a winning performance. That is what I grade myself on. I think there were a lot of plays I left on the field. Me personally, I have to go out there and correct some plays as well, too, but it is a team sport and ultimately we failed at the ultimate goal which is to win. Obviously, we are out of the playoffs, but there are still two more games to play. We have to learn from this game and we will see these guys in two weeks. We have to come back out there for these next two weeks and play our best ball."

On understanding how frustrating it is to lose to the Eagles lately:

"I feel that. We played them three times last year and it didn't go well for either of the games. There are a lot of rivalries created in football. Obviously, within the division, you play a team twice and you want to get the upper hand. You never want to feel like you are on the losing end of it. It is something that, regardless of the situation, the last game of the season we played those guys, it is obviously something that you have to play for. Some people look at playoff situations when you are eliminated, there is nothing to play for, but that is not the case within that locker room. Every time you lace your cleats up and get a chance to go out there and play, you are obviously playing for the name that is on the side of your helmet, but you are also playing for the name that is on the back of your jersey, too. That's the pride that you take to the field. For these next two weeks, we have to go out there and play with a sense of urgency and a high level of execution."

On whether he felt like he gave his team a spark and hope that his number is called next week:

"That is not my decision. My decision is to be ready when my number is called and I think that I proved that tonight. I will continue to keep preparing whether it is me moving forward or not. I told you all this before. My mood or my attitude doesn't change based on circumstances. I am the same person. I am the same leader each and every day."
Tyrod Taylor is such a good man, I was glad he was in  
Fishmanjim57 : 12/26/2023 9:43 am : link
I would have him start next week against the Rams. Even though I enjoy Tommy D, I'd rather see TT at the helm. Tyrod has experience from is career, and he plays each game like it's his first.
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