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Transcript: Head Coach Brian Daboll

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/29/2023 12:42 pm
Head Coach Brian Daboll

December 29, 2023

Q: Injury update, I guess?

A: Everybody will practice, then we’ll see where we’re at after practice.

Q: I don’t know if we’ve asked you about it --- (Director of Strength and Performance) Craig Fitzgerald is reportedly going to Florida. Is it true?

A: It’s true, yeah.

Q: How important is that position?

A: It’s an important position. Fitz has done a great job. It’s an opportunity he wanted to take. So, we’ll get to that after the season.

Q: What happened to (tight end) Darren Waller at the end of the game? He just took that shot in the back and that’s why he couldn’t—

A: Yeah.

Q: He’s okay, though?

A: He is, yep.

Q: What do you make of where he’s at here towards the end of the season? Coming back from injury, has he shown you the same level of explosiveness and game play that we saw pre-injury? It looked like he was primed for a huge year before the injury.

A: Yeah, he’s done a good job this week. We’re getting ready to play the Rams here and focus really on this week, but he’s had a good week.

Q: Dealing with (quarterback) Tyrod (Taylor), who he is and what’s he gone through in this league, how much does that rub off on teammates and coaches and people he’s around, the idea of you know when he gets in there that he’s going to kind of rise to that?
A: He’s, to start with, a really good person. Obviously, he’s been through a lot in his career, his 13 years in the NFL. He’s the model of a true professional, how he takes care of himself, how he prepares, how he is with his teammates. That’s why he’s been in the league for so long. So, I think all the stuff that he does, whether it’s (being) in really early, lifting in the weight room, how he is in the meetings, how he is with guys in the huddle, it’s kind of been built over the years, but I really think that’s who he is as a person and how he was raised. Incredible human being.

Q: With (tackle Evan) Neal’s season being over, I’ve asked (Senior Vice President and General Manager) Joe (Schoen), I’ve asked (Offensive Line Coach) Bobby (Johnson) this, do you think moving him to guard is an option in the future?

A: Yeah, right now getting ready to play the Rams, so all that stuff will be evaluated when there is a time for it but really focused on this week.

Q: How do you feel like the offensive line is playing right now? There was that game against the Packers where you gave them the game ball and then they struggled obviously after that.

A: Yeah, I’d say everybody is trying to improve, do everything we can to go out there and play a good game this week.

Q: What kind of a skillset do you look for to know if a player is capable of kicking inside from tackle to guard?

A: It’s probably a longer discussion, so again, some guys go inside, have some guys that played inside that can play outside. Some guys have played outside, they play inside. I think every player is different, every situation is different.
These aren't much  
FranknWeezer : 12/29/2023 1:16 pm : link
worth reading with the way Daboll has handled questions this year. Guess that's his prerogative, but damn, Dabs.
Rule #1: 'The Press is not your friend'  
JohnF : 12/29/2023 2:39 pm : link
Rules #2 - #10: "See Rule #1"

If I were Daboll, I would give the press as little as possible, in a nice way, as well.
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