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Post-Game Transcript: Quarterback Tyrod Taylor

Eric from BBI : Admin : 12/31/2023 6:46 pm
Quarterback Tyrod Taylor

Q: Can you take us through just that sequence, the two-point conversion, what did you see on that play?

A: Obviously, just lack of execution and it started with me. (Running back) Saquon (Barkley) was open. Was kind of caught in between running it and throwing it and didn't do either one of them, but yeah, I got to be better. It's a routine throw, something I've hit plenty of times before but yeah that moment I didn't execute.

Q: On the last drive, that second down run play, can you just kind of take us through – I guess you're getting the call, the thought process there?

A: We called a draw play; thought we could get some extra yardage in that situation. Ultimately, they ran a stunt and was able to be better than us in that moment.

Q: That wasn't an alert? That was the play? That second down play?

A: It was a draw.

Q: Did you have a yard line in mind that they told you, 'Hey we need to get to X'?

A: Yeah, we talked about a yard line early in the game. Whenever we hit the field to start the game, we have a yard line both ways for obviously two minute, both end of half and end of game and just knowing throughout the game where we are, where we feel comfortable and it was around that spot. I mean, ultimately didn't execute. It doesn't boil down to (kicker Mason) Cros(by) or anybody, it's just a lack of execution overall. It's hard to pinpoint and put it on one play, like I know football doesn't come down to one play, sometimes it gets judged that way but there was a lot of things left on the field that we could've done better to put ourselves in a better situation.

Q: Why at that time did you think that was a good call, the Saquon draw? What did you see from their defense?

A: I didn't call the plays.

Q: Yeah, I know, you were optimistic it would work right?

A: Yeah, I have confidence in every play that we call, putting us in the right situation to go out there and execute. I mean, at the end of the day we didn't do a good job of executing that draw play and have to learn from it and move forward.

Q: Is there one play that you want back?

A: For sure. Yeah, one play that sticks out is the two-point conversion and other than that, it would probably be the interception at the right. We were able to bounce back from both of those at the end of the day, just didn't execute at the end.

Q: Did you think about running that?

A: Yeah, I was in between running and throwing. I take full responsibility of that, that falls on nobody but myself and I'll be better if put in that position again.

Q: Do you think that you were in between affected the throw?

A: Yeah. That's not an excuse for the throw. Yeah, I'm not making an excuse for the throw. That's something that I've done before, something I'll continue to keep doing, making that throw. But yeah, the indecision, anytime you are indecisive on the football field it's never a good thing.

Q: If you run it, do you think you're going to make it there?

A: I do.

Q: Fumbled snap, what happened there?

A: Just miscommunication between me and (center John Michael Schmitz Jr.). It's also tough in that situation sometimes when you have a guy right in front of you as well too. Those guys were getting off the ball pretty fast but we were able to execute the second time we ran it. But yeah, just bad quarterback-center exchange and that starts with me.

Q: 31-yard scramble at the end on that last drive, can you talk about that?

A: They did a stunt. They put both their defensive end and their defensive tackle inside and I was able to capture the right edge, saw some space and tried to make a play, get ourselves in the best situation to go down and kick a field to win the game.

Q: After that, you get the call signaling to spike it?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you think you guys could've run a play? In a scramble situation?

A: Looking back at it, got to watch the film and just see. I thought it was the right call at the time. I never second guess the coaches. I think that they do a great job of putting us in the best situation time management wise. I was given a call and I relayed it to our offense and that's what we went out and did.

Q: Can you take us through that (wide receiver Darius) Slayton touchdown?

A: Yeah, we actually had that play called earlier on the pick, (wide receiver) Jalin (Hyatt) was on the other side and the safety kind of did something similar. And we knew that if we get a chance to get one-on-one with these guys down the field to give them a chance. We also had the same play called on the one that they called back to Jalin, up the right side as well too, going back towards our tunnel but Slayton did a great job of stacking, getting over the top of the DB. He told me for a second he lost the ball, started jogging, I still didn't see that part, I just knew that when it left my hands that he was behind the corner and looked up and hit him in stride.

Q: Was that one of the best balls you've ever thrown?

A: No. It was a good one, though.

Q: That ball was up there a while.

A: Yeah, it would be interesting to know how far it was in the air. Not that that matters right now.

Q: 60.

A: That might've been one of my farther throws then. Thank you.

Q: Do you find it almost unfathomable that you can throw an 80-yard rope to Darius and then the two-yarder somehow just doesn't work?

A: That's part of the game. You play the game long enough, you're going to make some throws, you're going to miss some. Hopefully you make more than you miss but yeah, in that situation, just was a lack of execution on my end.

Q: As a veteran in this league, you have so many opportunitites, coach talked about so many opportunities, you talked about so many opportunities, is it something you tell your teammates afterwards to particularly given the number of young guys you have and just the way the season has gone?

A: Yeah, there's always room to learn. And I think those stand out obviously when you lose. It's easy to throw them under the rug or wash them away when you win just because you are so on the emotional side of winning, but the biggest lessons come when you lose. You put more of a critical eye on situations, you put a more of critical eye on yourself. I know that's how I operate, and I think I'm better from those and that goes with the sport and in life as well. So yeah, when times of adversity, which we've dealt through a lot this year, there's two ways to go and to be a good team, you have to be able to look yourself in the face, understand what you didn't do so well, be better at it, attack those weaknesses and overall be a better player and ultimately that makes you a better team.

Q: Do you think that you should've won this game today?

A: Yeah, but I don't think what should've or could've matters at the end of the day because we didn't. We did enough to put ourselves in a position to win but we also hurt ourselves in some areas as well too. That's the reality of the game and we have to be better in those moments.

Q: How would you assess your play today?

A: I think I played well, but like I told you I judge myself off wins and losses and ultimately today wasn't a winning performance, so it's room to grow.

Q: Are any of these losses harder to shake off? You've had a couple of them this year, game against Buffalo, game against the Jets, are these losses harder for players?

A: As a competitor, anytime you lose, it's never a good feeling. I can't say whether one is harder to shake off versus the other, it's just about looking at it with a critical eye. Like I said, looking in the mirror, asking yourself what you could've done better and attack those for the next week.

Q: How do you keep guys up and motivated? You had a couple of big plays but there were holding penalties that brought you back there but what's it like going in the huddle to keep guys focused?

A: Next play mentality. Can't control it. Refs make calls, we can't change them. You have to think next play because ultimately that's what matters. If you're letting something from the past linger on, then you're never truly focused for the play at hand. Guys, I would say, were able to bounce back today. A couple unfortunate calls but that didn't stop us, we were able to still get positive yardage and put ourselves in the right situation.

Q: Was it just kind of typical today of the way the seasons gone? Some things have gone right but not enough?

A: I think that's the NFL in general. You look across the league, there's highs and lows. We've been on the losing end a couple times more than we wanted to obviously. But that's not to say that everything just went bad. It's a lot of positives to take away from this game. Special teams, offense and defense. We created turnovers on defense. We also gave it away too, but we were also able to create big plays. (Wide receiver) Gunner (Olszewski) had a great play on the punt return as well, too. So, it's not all bad, it's just not good enough. Ultimately, that doesn't get the job done, there's no moral victories in this game but there's always positives to hold onto and to build from.

Q: What was the communication like – because obviously the Gunner touchdown kind of comes out of nowhere, you come out to kick it and then you go for two. Was there any thought of going for two when the ball was on the two-yard line?

A: No, we talked about it on offense, if we would've gone down and scored and the two-point to win the game but being that it happened so fast, then they jumped offsides, so the penalty happened, pushes it at the one, so you just like your chances better.

Q: Can you share what your process will be like tonight after a loss like today?

A: Watch the tape, get better from it, but also put it behind you. Whatever it is that creates balance in your life. For me, it's family. I have my family in town. I'll spend some time with them and get ready for next week.

Q: What particular plays are you going to focus in on when you watch the tape?

A: Yeah, all of them.
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