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NFT: Better late than never: Ted Lasso (no spoilers)

PepperJ52 : 2/11/2024 10:09 am
My wife and I started binging it a couple weeks ago and watched the last two episodes last night. What a fun series. Going in, all we knew of it was that it was a fish out of water story.
Ted Lasso was a perfect blend of writing, acting and production. The finale was as good a landing as any series could achieve.
It’s awesome  
UConn4523 : 2/11/2024 10:40 am : link
it has its moments of sub par episodes but even then the constant shines - every character is awesome, which is a rarity.
Really liked it too.  
oghwga : 2/11/2024 10:47 am : link
There's a lot of really good stuff out there that can get a bit dark it's nice to have something sunny.
Loved S1 and 2  
Tony in Tampa : 2/11/2024 12:07 pm : link
3 was too much of an over the top soap opera for me. But overall a good show. Still probably the best show on Apple TV.
Also Hannah Waddingham's booty!  
sb from NYT Forum : 2/11/2024 12:19 pm : link
RE: Loved S1 and 2  
Matt M. : 2/11/2024 12:44 pm : link
In comment 16395183 Tony in Tampa said:
3 was too much of an over the top soap opera for me. But overall a good show. Still probably the best show on Apple TV.
Agreed. Season 3 was OK, but not on par with the other 2. Didn't love the ending, but didn't hate it either.
Loved it  
Danny Kanell : 2/11/2024 12:59 pm : link
There’s likely going to be a 4th season FYI
mitch300 : 2/11/2024 1:53 pm : link
New iPhones so, we have Apple TV for free for 3 months. Wife and I binged the series. We loved it.
endearing throughout  
ColHowPepper : 2/11/2024 2:57 pm : link
often wanted to strangle, alternating as to who was at top of the list, Ted, Nate, Roy, etc., just a warm hearted, very well done and played production
My wife and I also really enjoyed all seasons of Ted Lasso. On a  
12aob : 2/11/2024 3:51 pm : link
related subject, with regard to how well a TV series does their ending, I’d say Homeland is the best finale I’ve ever seen.
BlackLight : 2/11/2024 9:30 pm : link
Charming, original, quirky, warm-hearted.  
CT Charlie : 2/12/2024 4:30 pm : link
An interesting mix of sort of juvenile humor with adult sitcom-reality issues, but always driven by a distinctive cast of characters you find yourself caring about.
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