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The case for taking QB at 6

Maijay : 2/18/2024 1:03 pm
It seems that the overwhelming need for selecting a QB early is a BBI obsession. Other teams such as Atlanta at 8, and Pittsburgh at 20 are in the search for a QB. That leaves a strong maybe for Tennessee at 7, Minny at 11 because of Cousins possible value to the team, Denver at 12 due to the strain between Wilson and Payton, and Las Vegas at 13.
I don't believe QBs McCarthy, Nix and Penix will be there for the Giants in the second round. The Giants should not use their draft capital to move up into the second round with some many other needs. Try to preserve your top 100 picks as much as feasible.
If one of these there QBs wow us at the combine and private workouts lets grab one of them at 6. If they all impress my choice would be JJ McCarthy. Penix scares me because of his past injuries and Nix is ok.The only caveat would be if one of the projected top three falls to us at 6 and then we would know if Schoen/Daboll really had one of those three in their sights. If we get our QB at 6 then the rest of the draft should be used to fill holes in the roster.
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RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: If the QB looks good play him  
kickoff : 2/19/2024 2:45 pm : link
In comment 16402418 Manhattan said:
In comment 16402410 Mbavaro said:


In comment 16402405 ThomasG said:


In comment 16402314 AROCK1000 said:


In comment 16402285 Sy'56 said:


In comment 16402271 ajr2456 said:


“Throwing them to the wolves” is nonsense in my opinion. As long as they aren’t tripping over themselves, it’s much more valuable for a rebuild for a young QB to get that game experience in year 1, so that year 2 is spent learning to counter punch what defenses are giving you after having a year of film to learn your tendencies, and not year 3.

The Giants need to be competitive in 2025, it’ll be much easier with a QB who has as much experience as possible with live bullets. Just my opinion.

Bad OL play can ruin a young QB forever

I think it ruined DJ.
I recall him making great throws and audibles early in his career...

I am honestly trying but do not recall DJ making great audibles/throws early in his career.

Did these happen during the 3 games in his rookie season when he played Detroit, Jets and WFT and then the world had to be dumbed-down for him going forward because he was a turnover machine?

What does fumbling in the pocket….have literally anything to do with the offense being “dumbed” down for him?

Throwing picks…sure….but he never really had an interception problem

Bad ball security has nothing to do with scaling back the offense

Jones has an interception problem. His TD:INT rations aren't good throughout his career. This yearvitcwas 2:6. They scaled back the offense to limit his turnovers, which helped somewhat, but it's not sustainable to run a 1978 offense in 2023. There is certainly a link between how vertical and aggressive the offense is and interception ratio.

I would like to read the article where BD says the O was scaled down to limit TOs. Please post site.
RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: If the QB looks good play him  
kickoff : 2/19/2024 2:48 pm : link
In comment 16402517 Manhattan said:
In comment 16402427 Mbavaro said:


In comment 16402418 Manhattan said:

Dude…seriously shut up already

There are a lot of things you can say about him

Having an interception problem has never been one of them

If you tell someone to shut up you should be correct. Jones' career TD to INT ratio is 62 to 40. That's an interception problem. When you are both arrogant and wrong it makes you look MORE stupid.

So true.
RE: RE: It's not a mystery understanding pre-snap reads  
kickoff : 2/19/2024 2:54 pm : link
In comment 16402477 Mbavaro said:
In comment 16402470 JonC said:


and Jones was struggling to effectively decipher and make the correct calls.

I disagree

Unless one knows the play call and what he is or is or is not looking at….which none of us do….then none of us know….there are so many different variables to each play based on what the D is showing

None of us know this information

I love these armchair QBs who know so much about QB play. IMO, most of us on this board have very little knowledge of QBs options, protections and what he's looking for on each play.
RE: RE: RE: In 2019 Jones was  
bw in dc : 2/19/2024 2:59 pm : link
In comment 16402598 Manhattan said:

INTs and TDs are mathematically connected. If you can't throw TDs without a precipitous rise in INTs, you have an interception problem. This is why Jones is afraid to be aggressive. He can't keep the ball out of harms way when he throws the ball downfield.

I get it, but 2022 performance looks a lot better, say, if Jones had 27TDs / 13INTs.

I'll take 12 more passing TDs and live with the 2X+ INTs.

This goes back to the point many of us made when reviewing Jones's 2022 season: he was brilliantly managed by Dabka with their sturdy training wheels.
RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: No, you are wrong mbavaro. Jones was developing that very problem  
kickoff : 2/19/2024 3:01 pm : link
In comment 16402475 ThomasG said:
In comment 16402466 Mbavaro said:


In comment 16402448 ThomasG said:


In comment 16402439 Mbavaro said:


In comment 16402433 ThomasG said:


on poor throwing decisions into coverages downfield, and he got reined in. He doesn't process well pre-snap nor see the field well post-snap.

This isn't new. Unless you don't want to see it.

I see it just fine and exactly how do you know what he is processing pre snap?

I don’t nor does anybody else know except the coaches

I am of the opinion that we need a change at the position….but let’s not make stuff up either then neither you nor I know about

Not unexpected coming from you.

If you can't see it yourself, turn the volume up and listen to the commentators of the Giants games tell you. Or maybe the defensive players from several of the other NFC teams that have been pretty outspoken about how they easily read him.

Or maybe just watch Daboll toss a tablet at him in disgust because he can't see the field and makes bad throws/decisions.

I guess it's all a mirage?

Coming from me ?


Maybe you have a reading comprehension issue….he needs to go and I hope we draft somebody else

But none of know what his pre snap reads are

Die all you want on this hill and every other one you defend 1925 Giants Drive about Stevie Wonder.

I have the volume turned up and I hear what you're talking about, but not only by DJ but every other QB in the NFL, even the elites. Those are common mistakes sometimes committed by all QBs.
RE: In 2019 Jones was  
JoeSchoens11 : 2/19/2024 3:13 pm : link
In comment 16402531 ajr2456 said:
22nd in interception percentage. In 2020 he was 18th. Then they reined him in in 2021 and 2022.

For three of his five seasons he’s had an interception problem.
I’m glad you looked beyond the td/int ratio (productivity is definitely an issue) but the int%’s rankings you listed put him around league average which is actually quite impressive for a rookie and 2nd year.

A quick look shows that DJ’s career interception rate is top-20 all time. So, hovering around league average years 1 and 2 + excellent int % from year 3 and on makes me think interceptions aren’t a major issue. And his numbers are greatly inflated by EE’s volleyball hands
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