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NYG Defensive Personnel Chat - Given DC Hire

Somers24 : 2/20/2024 10:53 am
What we think about the hire:

-Stout vs run.
-Expect more physicality, more fundamentally sound D.
-Less risk, possibly less reward although latter may not be accurate.
-Less press coverage.

Much of that may be conjecture e.g. how much of that was dictated by Titans personnel.


1 DT: Is it overly simplistic to state that Lawrence is the linchpin defender, not unlike Simmons in Tennessee? I also liked everything I saw out of young DTs Davidson, Riley. Disappointing Anderson had a lost season.

2 LB: Nothing not to like about Okereke. McFadden is a throwback LB who flies around and plays as fast as he can but sometimes overruns tackles because of it. Still, he is a keeper. Beyond that, I wonder if we see some roster overhaul here. Would love to see more speed injected, especially after seeing this dynamic on many of the successful playoff teams.

3 Edge. Some encouraging signs w Kayvon but he really needs to diversify/advance his arsenal of pass rush moves. We know the deal w Ojulari. Clock is ticking on his NYG career. One more season probably.

4 Is it fair to say that while we need another CB, the NYG CB situation is better than Tennessee (they don't have a talent like Banks)? Other CBs: Flott is a viable slot CB. McCloud (FA) looks like a good depth piece. Too early to know what, if anything, we have in Hawkins.

5 This DC has had a lot of success w safeties and of course, we'd love to see him have access to McKinney. Beyond that, Pinnock and Belton are nice pieces.
I think they will invest in a day 2 DT  
DavidinBMNY : 2/20/2024 8:26 pm : link
Who is a good system fit. The guys they recently drafted likely Riley are actually in their mid not early 20s. They are old at the position compared to other spots on the roster.
Point #2?  
section125 : 2/20/2024 8:39 pm : link
Okereke is going nowhere and is a tackling machine. You said the McFadden flies around. So where is this need for more speed? Replace McFadden with someone faster?

Other than that, good points
Regardless of defensive style  
Rjanyg : 2/21/2024 8:16 am : link
Just take a look at the depth chart. This should tell you what they need to add.

1. Edge

After KT and Ojulari, we don’t have any depth. The need to add a starter here is a viable argument. A free agent signing like Bryce Huff may cost a lot so maybe a 2nd day pick like Bama’s Braswell would be a better use of resources. This position needs talent badly.

2. CB

After Banks, we don’t have much depth. Flott, Aaron Robinson, Hawkins and McCloud ( ERFA ). Jackson is gone as is Holmes. They may add a mid round pick here but with a shift to a more cover 2 defense, tackling is gonna be key. 6 corners will be needed. We have 5.

3. Safety

Pinnock, Belton and Owens are under contract. McKinney is the key here. Uou like to keep your own free agents who are playing well and who are young. This guy will tell you where the mindset of the front office is at.I think he should be re-signed.

4. DT.

Dex, Nacho, DJ Davison and Riley under contract. I really want A Shawn back. When Leo was traded, Robinson got more PT and played well. I would hope they would re-sign A Shawn for another 1 year $5M deal.

5. LB

Bobby O is a stud. Micah played very well. I really like Isaiah Simmons as I think they hybrid LB is an important position in todays NFL. I would bring him back as he is very young and versatile.

So to me, the keys to defensive personnel are:

1. Sign or draft an Edge
2. Re-signe McKinney
3. Draft a mid round CB
4. Re-sign A Shawn
5. Re-sign Simmons
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