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NFT: TV show rec for Fargo fans

oghwga : 2/21/2024 8:28 am
Late to the game, but we just watched "Patriot" on Amazon. Completely ridiculous show but so much fun to watch because it's so ridiculous. It's quirky on purpose, which annoyed some critics, but it's a great ride. By the same writer/director of "Perpetual Grace LTD" also on Amazon and also great.

It takes a bit to get going, but there's so many little details and setups along the way don't blink.

Curious if anyone else has seen either.

Steven Conrad (creator) has a show in the works for HBO coming up next.
I'll throw these out . . .  
3000_MilesToMeadowlands : 2/21/2024 10:54 am : link
If you have not seen them . . .

Goliath with Billy Bob on Prime
The Killing with Detective Holder (Love that guy)
The Sinner is pretty good

Of course True Detective, but that is on MAX - assume you watch
Goliath's first season was terrific  
Greg from LI : 2/21/2024 10:55 am : link
Really lost its way after that
Goliath went from great  
oghwga : 2/21/2024 11:21 am : link
To what the f***ing everliving f*** pretty damned quickly.

First season was great the Mark Duplass wtf then off the rails.

Anyways, Patriot is awesome and the same guy is on Joe Picket on Paramount plus which is not bad then he went to For All Mankind on Apple which I haven't gotten all that into yet
Patriot might be the best show of all time.  
Lafferty, Daniel : 2/21/2024 1:41 pm : link
it is double great!
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