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NFT: Warning label

Ira : 4/1/2024 6:09 pm
See link
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yeah, but people take those things anyway  
Bill in UT : 4/1/2024 7:11 pm : link
because the just can't stand living with whatever condition they already have. And while the threats are real, they don't occur that often- it's mostly CYA from Big Pharma. Which really doesn't protect them, cause they're going to get sued anyway if anything goes wrong.
she cracks me up.  
TJ : 4/1/2024 7:24 pm : link
Loved her "fonts hanging out" series. She's also a singer/songwriter I keep meaning to catch when she passes near on tour
Jim in Fairfax : 4/1/2024 7:57 pm : link
Happy Fun Ball - ( New Window )
PepperJ52 : 4/2/2024 6:57 am : link
Holy shit - you’re the first person to mention her since I started listening to/watching her around 10 years ago when she was still using the stage name Reina del Cid. Wanted to see her when I lived in Charlotte but it sold out fast.

I really like when she jams with her collaborators and the Sunday brunch tunes on YouTube. What a talented kid - definitely on my hidden gems list.
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