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If the giants aren’t going to get the Qb

Bleedblue10 : 4/1/2024 6:13 pm
They want they should still trade up to 4 and take Maserati Marv. Nabers is a head case and I worry about Rome separating at the NFL level. Get the best offensive player in the draft if we don’t get our guy
I’m not trading up for any position other than QB.  
The_Boss : 4/1/2024 6:16 pm : link
And neither should Schoen.
RE: I’m not trading up for any position other than QB.  
TommyWiseau : 4/1/2024 6:20 pm : link
In comment 16453147 The_Boss said:
And neither should Schoen.

100% agree
I don’t think the gap  
BlueManCrew : 4/1/2024 6:23 pm : link
Between Harrison and Nabers is big enough for the trade up. We either have a shot at one of the QBs or Nabers and either way retain picks.
No Trade Up, Especially Non QB  
Trainmaster : 4/1/2024 6:36 pm : link
Try to trade down if not in love with QB4 and WR3, likely what’s available at 6th overall.

RE: No Trade Up, Especially Non QB  
LW_Giants : 4/1/2024 6:38 pm : link
In comment 16453166 Trainmaster said:
Try to trade down if not in love with QB4 and WR3, likely what’s available at 6th overall.

Agree, see if you can get some assets for next years draft when we’ll need to move up for a qb
If we were 1 player away  
Rudy5757 : 4/1/2024 6:39 pm : link
It might make sense. With all the holes on the Giants it makes zero sense to trade up for a WR. There are at least 3 and possibly 4 Wrs worthy of a top 10 pick. The cost is too steep in the top 10.
SFGFNCGiantsFan : 4/1/2024 6:44 pm : link
Couple of things:

1) No chance in hell we trade up for a WR, even one as good as Harrison Jr. might be.

2) Gus Johnson must have workshopped that nickname for awhile.
Well, I'm glad we got that cleared up  
barens : 4/1/2024 6:56 pm : link
regarding Nabers and Odunze.
Smart teams don't do things like this  
Darwinian : 4/1/2024 7:00 pm : link
It is a move that has shades of the Barkley pick... "he's the best, cleanest, prospect, blah blah blah..." but you don't take RBs that high. It's a waste of draft capital, it's squandering resources.
Figures the Giants are the last to learn the lesson.

Likewise, you don't squander top of the draft, draft capital, to get anything other than a QB. Don't the Chargers need a WR after losing Allen and Williams? Don't the Cardinals need a #1 WR? Yet both teams are being linked to trade downs. So apparently, good as MHJ is, he's not exciting teams enough to not explore trade downs. Especially when Odunze, who Matt Harmon thinks is right there with Harrison, and Nabers, clearly the most explosive playmaker in the draft, are available.

And no MHJ is not the best player in this draft, CW is. If Williams delivers on just 75% of his promise, he will be several times more valuable than Harrison. Same with the other top QBs.
Just imagine....the Giants trade up....and not draft a QB  
George from PA : 4/1/2024 7:10 pm : link
BBI collective heads will explode.
I'd love to hear why Nabers is a headcase.  
robbieballs2003 : 4/1/2024 8:13 pm : link
What is your evidence of this?
You might also want to check in on the great stuff  
robbieballs2003 : 4/1/2024 8:15 pm : link
Marvin Harrison has done like murder someone.
RE: You might also want to check in on the great stuff  
AROCK1000 : 4/1/2024 9:54 pm : link
In comment 16453285 robbieballs2003 said:
Marvin Harrison has done like murder someone.

Yeah..but he is smart enough to get away with it
Fans have a love affair with the skill players.  
Reese's Pieces : 4/1/2024 10:00 pm : link
It's hard to get excited about three hundred pound linemen, but this is still the greatest area of need for the Giants. Neal is highly unlikely to turn his career around after TWO bust seasons. Worth a shot at guard.

The Giants have been awful at trying to put together a line through free agency. The way things stand now, they will go with the hope of an upgrade to a pretty good line. But everything never goes right.

The Giants should take Alt, the best offensive lineman available by general consensus. Go for an elite line, not a mediocre line. The O-Line determines how good the skill players are allowed to be.

HARBAUGH:"The offensive line to me is important. If I asked you the question, what position group depends on no other position group to be good, but every other position group depends on them to be good -- what position group is that? Offensive line. They're not relying on any other position group to be good, but yet every other position group relies on the offensive line to be good.

NFL Study: how important is an offensive line to success?

The NFL is a team sport, and while some positions are inherently more valuable, a great team needs a complete roster. I wanted to take a minute to look at the importance of the offensive line though. It is no secret that a good line will pay dividends for a team.

Looking over the study, one of the impacts of having a line is a team’s final record. When comparing the top 16 lines to the bottom 16 lines, the difference is only about a game. Looking at the top and bottom-5 lines though, there is almost a three-game spread. That is huge for a team, as a good line can and will win you more games.

What is more telling is the playoff success. Based on this data, if a team wants to make it to the playoffs, they need to have a top-12 offensive line. To make it to the Super Bowl, you need to be a top-11 line. To win the Super Bowl follows suit, as the average offensive line rank for every winner is around a top-12 line.

Reeses Pieces  
fanoftheteam : 4/1/2024 10:13 pm : link
I might get banned for empathizing with you. But I would love to see the Giants continue down the path of elite O/D Lines. We were probably more then a couple standard deviations from the mean on OL last year.

I also dont think a true #1 will be happy playing here with a QB that really cant throw outside the #s. Therefore a QB with Alt as a backup plan wouldnt bother me.
RE: Just imagine....the Giants trade up....and not draft a QB  
SirLoinOfBeef : 4/1/2024 11:51 pm : link
In comment 16453199 George from PA said:
BBI collective heads will explode.

We'd be the laughingstock of the draft.

RE: I’m not trading up for any position other than QB.  
Gruber : 4/2/2024 6:21 am : link
In comment 16453147 The_Boss said:
And neither should Schoen.

He won't.
More likely he trades down in that scenario.
If Schoen trades up for a WR  
Sean : 4/2/2024 6:36 am : link
He should be fired on the spot.
jeff57 : 4/2/2024 8:11 am : link
Reese's Pieces  
Lines of Scrimmage : 4/2/2024 8:24 am : link
makes some good points about the lines. Much easier to bring along a young QB with a upper tier OL and running game.

Playoffs in the NFC you need that run game somewhere along the way. NFCE has mostly always been about strong fronts. Coughlin understood this when he took the job.

I have no issue taking a WR but I would not want to trade up at this point.
They'll get a good #1 WR by sitting at 6  
US1 Giants : 4/2/2024 9:09 am : link
unless a QB falls to them. Not trading up unless it is for a QB.
Consensus rates the Eagles number one line  
Reese's Pieces : 4/4/2024 11:45 am : link
for the past few years.

Last year most put the Chiefs and Ravens in the top 5.
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