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NYG !00 - Doc Alexander

truebluelarry : 4/3/2024 11:59 am
Starting center of the inaugural 1925 Gants as well as the 1927 World Champion Giants.

This edition is a video short, rather than the discussion format.
Pigskin Dispatch - Doc Alexander - ( New Window )
Thanks again, Larry, for all the Giants' history that you bring to us  
Ira : 4/3/2024 1:44 pm : link
Most of the credit for this goes to Darin  
truebluelarry : 4/3/2024 1:54 pm : link
he's doing the work and putting it out there.
I contribute with info, graphics and occasionally an interview.
He's a great guy who loves football and I'm happy to help in any way I can.
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