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Rank these QBs

Rory B. Bellows : 4/3/2024 2:53 pm
Watched the college guys in some games and listened to the board, mock drafts, YT takes.

If we don't come up with anyone else this offseason
Daniel Jones (I did like him. He's tough and a great teammate and all that. I could see some kind of a comeback if I squint, new OL coach and personnel. Just for THIS year, then out of the contract. If they don't bench him for health)
Drew Lock (very interesting pickup for THIS year)
Tommy DeVito (it was fun, but I don't think he's complete garbage like some do)

Guys we've seen that aren't THE STUDS, but "good". *I left off the young CJ Strouds of the world. More just the "solid" young guys.
I know we can't get them, just interested to see how the new guys slot in with them.

Justin Herbert (we'll see if no one has it better than him haha)
Trevor Lawrence (I think he's really good, but nightmare front office, it seems)
Brock Purdy (dude works in that offense, nice (yet costly) recovery from Lance)
Jordan Love (this dude has the goods. really like this team going fwd. we DID stop them when they were on fire)

Caleb Williams (If I'm the Bears, I'm taking Daniels. I would be able to sleep at night. Let WAS take him)
Jayden Daniels (I think I'd put multiple picks up for him if the draft falls right. Heisman & just looked like a fine QB watching him)
Drake Maye (Crazy that he's looked down on after being a top 2 QB previously. Looked better throwing to Downs? idk about him. But he did have F. Kitchens on staff lol))
JJ McCarthy (just watched Bobby Skinner's breakdown, and I'm kinda out on him now lol)
Michael Penix (love this dude. Period. Amazing accuracy. Hyatt? hell yeah. Eluemunor will be a fine RT lol)
Bo Nix (I didn't research him, just throwing him in here)
Hendon Hooker (this dude is the goods. I watch the Gators. When they played the Vols, I began to take notice, then watched ALL the Vols games I could after that. Plus Hyatt was fun as hell to watch.)

I really would trade a 2 or 3 and whatever for Hooker. Draft WR @6. Case closed. (or see if Penix falls to us in the 2nd rd)
All are going to be great WR's, let's get one!
Keep the #1 next year, maybe DET will take the 3rd rounder)

My Ranks:

Whattya got?
Breeze_94 : 4/3/2024 2:57 pm : link
Was a very long winded (and random) way of saying you think the Giants should trade for Hooker.

To answer your question, I’d probably have him ranked at the bottom of the list alongside Lock
^ Devito is  
Breeze_94 : 4/3/2024 2:58 pm : link

He is a practice squad guy/3rd stringer with minimal upside.
You put Hooker ahead of Daniels and Williams  
Mike from Ohio : 4/3/2024 3:21 pm : link
and you have Nix below DeVito?

Well everyone is entitled to their opinion...
Jordan Love  
NINEster : 4/3/2024 5:00 pm : link
that freaking high?

LOL, is every Packer QB a Hall of Famer now?

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