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Monday Transcript: Offensive Tackle Andrew Thomas

Eric from BBI : Admin : 4/15/2024 3:58 pm
Offensive Tackle Andrew Thomas

Q. I think when we last talked to you your body was a little beat down at the end of the season. Did you require surgery or what was the process like after the season?

ANDREW THOMAS: No surgeries, but definitely putting an emphasis on getting my body back to 100%. Took some time off to really recover and just being proactive about doing my rehab. Even if it's not bothering me, just trying to do stuff to stay on top of it to prevent injuries as much as possible.

Q. There has been a lot of additions to the offensive line already. Maybe more to come. How much do you want some continuity at left guard? There has been a lot of turnover there in your career. Would it be nice to get a guy and keep him there and you guys can grow together?

ANDREW THOMAS: We'll see what they decide for who is playing that spot. But it's the NFL, it's the nature of the business. People get injured, people get traded. Things happen. Got to be able to play with whoever is next to you, and that's the mindset I try to have.

Q. You guys have a new addition of many players, new O-line coach. You just got there today, but what conversations have you had with (Offensive Line Coach) Carm(en) (Bricillo) and what do you make of what he's going to do with you guys?

ANDREW THOMAS: Right now, we're still in the getting to know each another phase. Not just Carm, but a lot of guys in the room. Just going over the introductory stuff, the terms we use, and the way he envisions certain plays and stuff like that. It's just the first day, so we haven't gotten deep into it, but just getting on the same page with the new guys.

Q. What is your impression of Carm?

ANDREW THOMAS: Energetic right now. We're not on the practice field yet, but just in the meeting rooms he's been energetic. Seems like he enjoys coaching, so we'll see how it goes.

Q. (Quarterback) Daniel (Jones) was on with us a couple minutes ago, and he said his goal is to get back on the field in time for training camp. You know how hard the guy works. When Saquon had the ACL it took him forever. If anybody can come back, do you think it's Daniel?

ANDREW THOMAS: I'm excited for DJ. He's definitely a hard worker. I know everyone that has that ACL surgery, it's different for each person, their recovery time. I trust the trainers to make the right decisions and I trust DJ to do everything he can to get back, whenever that is.

Q. The new offensive line coach comes from the school of (Former Offensive Line Coach) Dante Scarnecchia, who had such an incredible run in that role. Scarnecchia once told me if you give me the effort, I can coach the rest. I'm guessing you now have a coach who feels that way. Do you like that dynamic with a coach who knows he can help a player, and then obviously the results will speak for themselves?

ANDREW THOMAS: Definitely. The first thing he said in meetings today is he wants tough players. We can figure out the rest. And that's what you want from a coach. You don't want to have – or speaking, if I was a coach, I wouldn't want to have to coach effort. I only want to focus on the nuances of the game and technique and things like that. As long as we bring the effort and toughness, he's going to do his job to coach us up.

Q. How about the idea that just to stay healthy, what would that mean to you in particular? Speaking only for yourself, if you could just have every game where you at least felt good enough to be out there.

ANDREW THOMAS: That would be a dream come true, (the game) that we play – a lot of things are out of your control, but I am just doing my best to have a positive mindset and do all the rehab and stuff I can to prevent injuries as much as possible.

Q. I know one of the things through your career has been you've always been a lead-by-example guy. You've put it on yourself to be a little bit more outspoken with the other offensive linemen. Curious if you've thought at all about, forget the offensive line room, being a voice of the team or a face of the franchise now? If you look around, three of your more outspoken guys, Saquon (Barkley), Xavier McKinney and Adoree' Jackson are not here in anymore. How do you feel about that role?

ANDREW THOMAS: A lot of the responsibility comes with that role, and it's just a challenge for myself to be conscious of the things that the team may need and speak up when I need to. I think that started a little bit especially towards the end of last year, just trying to motivate guys. Obviously weren't in contention, so just trying to help guys as much as I could and address the offense and things of that nature. Just do more of that and be a better leader.

Q. Curious, too, I was reading, I do the offensive line scouting reports and whatnot. I came across the kid from Penn State who is supposed to be a top 20 pick. Olu Fashanu said he 'models his game after Andrew Thomas.' Is that crazy for you to think that four years ago you were coming in the draft and now people are modelling themselves after you and shows how far you've come? What do you think when you hear that top college kids are modelling their game after you?

ANDREW THOMAS: That's pretty cool to hear, honestly. The time has flown by since my rookie year. If guys want to model their game after me, that means I'm doing the right thing. And I'm continuing to get better. I want to be a role model for the guys coming behind me, so I am just continuing to work every day.

Q. What exactly has your communication been with (Jermaine) Eluemunor or (Jon) Runyan? Were you guys texting when they signed here? Have met up with either guy?

ANDREW THOMAS: First time meeting in person was today in meetings. We have DM'd on social media and stuff like that. First impression, you know, seem like great guys. All have experience, which is what we need in this room. I'm excited to get to work with those guys and see what comes out of it.

Q. Following up on that question, what specifically can these two new additions bring to the offensive line group, and what do you think about the unit as a whole?

ANDREW THOMAS: For one, the vet presence, you play ball in the NFL, that's an asset as an offensive lineman, because a lot of it is taking reps over and over going against some of top guys, so I know that helps. Two, I know Jermaine played for Carm last year, so he can help with bridging the gap with the offense and understanding how coach sees things and all of us getting on the same page.
The intelligence of today's players is impressive  
KeoweeFan : 4/15/2024 6:06 pm : link
I grew up in a time when it was common to make fun of the "basket weaving classes" athletes often used to accumulate college credits.

When they gave interviews, they did nothing to dispel that criticism.

The common thread in all of the NYG interviews the last several years is not only their command of language but an awareness of what is the "correct" response to (what I'd often call) less intelligent reporters' questions.

They exhibit that they ARE Smart, Tough and Dependable.
Is Ashley Lynn still in the role of Player Engagement (a role Charlie Way initiated in the NFL)? Is her coaching what we are seeing?

Couple that with the (mostly) consistent NYG requirement of "character" you have a team that is satisfying to root for.
(Just be competitive!!)
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