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3 Trends in NFL connect to This Year's Prospect Class

M.S. : 4/17/2024 9:26 am
The Next Gen Stats Analytics Team; April 16th, 2024

Interesting data analysis to back up these claims.

(1) Prospects are getting lighter and faster -- WRs, EDGE & LBers

(2) QBs are taking longer to throw -- but throwing shorter passes

(3) The Shanahan effect is real (offensive shifts, motions and formations)

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We will  
larryinnewhaven : 4/17/2024 9:29 am : link
probably draft a fullback
the shanahan effect is an interesting one to watch  
Eric on Li : 4/17/2024 9:30 am : link
last year's most over performing offenses were probably:

houston (slowek)
la rams (mcvay)
miami (mcdaniels)

speed, motions, timing.

would imagine every team is trying to figure out how they can do more of those things.
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