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Chase Cota

Archer : 5/13/2024 10:01 pm
Chase Cota is an interesting prospect. Chase is the son of ex-NFL safety Chad Cota.
Watching him at Oregon he caught a lot of short passes.
He was a product of the Oregon game plan.

I did not realize that he was as athletic as he is.

He is 6'-3", with 32" arms and 9-3/4" hands.
His RAS is 9.34. ( 4.5 forty, 37.5 v, 10'-6" bj,)

His athleticism is even better than his score. He had only 10 bench reps suggests that he is not powerful and reduced his score.

Coming out of High School Chase had a great SPARQ rating of 127.59, which was bolstered by a power throw of 43, the best of all receivers in his class. (Jamar Chase had a SPARQ of 107.46 by comparison)

Chase is an interesting combination of speed and power.
He was underutilized at Oregon.
He looks like a big slot receiver, but I think he can play outside.

Link - ( New Window )
Looks good in the highlights. Thanks  
rasbutant : 5/13/2024 10:24 pm : link
So doesn’t Bo Nix.

But they are just highlights. No lowlights.
Thanks for the link  
ZogZerg : 5/14/2024 6:34 am : link
Yeah, agree, Nix looked good as well.

Curious to see how Nix does in Denver with Payton. I think he will do well.
From Y28  
Eric from BBI : Admin : 5/14/2024 7:18 am : link

Chase Cota
Y28 : 5/9/2024 3:26 pm : link : reply : Delete
who the Giants signed on January 23rd, is an interesting player to follow for a number of reasons:

1. He is currently the tallest Giants receiver at 6' 4 1/8"

2. For anyone on BBI researching the QBs in the recent draft, you probably saw Bo Nix games at Oregon in 2022. In the first four games, Cota was Nix "go to receiver"-about 20 catches in those games. (Of course Troy Franklin was also heavily involved, and even more so after an injury to Cota)

3. Cota had solid success with his time at both UCLA and Oregon

4. The Giants practiced and scrimmaged with Detroit last summer-the team that signed Cota as an UDFA. The Giants beat writers were there and several times commented on the noticeable play of Cota.

5. In the Giants preseason game against the Lions in August, Cota had 4 receptions and over 80 yards.

6. Cota's Dad is Chad Cota, who was an NFL Safety for 8 seasons.

The Giants receiver group is crowded and its a certainly a longshot for Cota. But still- a player worth watching is WR Chase Cota.
I remember him being a preseason darling for the Lions  
Blue Dog : 5/14/2024 9:34 am : link
many thought he may have earned a spot. Since the Lions and Giants practiced together for a week they got a very good look at him, so when they went out and signed him away from the Lions that's a strong sign.

Preseason last year:

- vs Giants: 4 receptions for 60 yards
- vs Jags: 2 receptions for 9 yards and 1 TD, 1 punt return for 28 yards (highlights attached)
- vs Panthers: 3 receptions for 42 yards,
Chase Cota's best plays vs. Jaguars | Preseason Week 2 - ( New Window )
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