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NFT: twin girls born today

Alan W : 5/14/2024 2:55 pm
to the partner of a favorite grandson.

Their firstborn, a boy named Bennett, is about 20 months old.
They'll have activity aplenty in the coming years.
Congratulations to your growing family!  
ATL_Giants : 5/14/2024 4:18 pm : link
Wonderful news, happiness and health to the new twin girls.

Tom the Giants fan. : 5/14/2024 5:01 pm : link
Wonderful news.

Twin girls? I'd say they'll be busy for a decade or two. :)

My wife and I had two daughters four years apart and they were a handful, especially the teenage years. Still it was a rewarding experiance that I cherish. Mine are in thier twenties now and I do hope I get to be a Grandfather.
Steve L : 5/14/2024 5:37 pm : link
Welcome to the world of twins! I have 23-year old identical boys. Twins are a wild ride.

Best advice I can give…feed them at the same time no matter what. If one wakes up hungry, wake the other. They will want them on the same schedule.

First let me offer congratulations.  
Giant John : 5/14/2024 6:59 pm : link
Second , their lives will change. From the dad of twins.
Gregorio : 5/15/2024 4:34 am : link
awesome news!
origin of their names  
Alan W : 5/19/2024 11:36 am : link
It turns out their mother (Samantha or just Sam) envisioned having twins when much younger. Now her premonition has come to pass and her chosen names (River and Wren) are thriving.

We'll get to see them in October when we travel to Toledo for my 90th b'day celebration.
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