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Can the Chiefs three-peat ?

Manny in CA : 5/17/2024 12:50 am

In the AAFC, The Ravens are already good and now they have sledge hammer Derrick Henry running behind ALL PRO fullback Patrick Ricard.

The Bills have and will remain the Chiefs's whipping boy. Don't think anybody else is worth mentioning.

I don't think anybody in the NFC can stop them. The 49ers have lost Chase Young, Arik Armstead to free agency and Greenlaw is coming back from injury.

Other than that, the Eagles, whose sudden collapse at the end of the year, defies explanation will be hard to beat with a very balanced offensive attack (with the addition of Saquon Barkley) and an outstanding draft in 2024, may over-take the Niners.

I disagree re Eagles  
Mike in NY : 5/17/2024 1:09 am : link
Old players regressing doesn’t defy expectations. Not to mention they have leaders like Kelce and Cox retiring.

The bigger challenge for the Chiefs is that, for the first time since the 1927 New York Football Yankees, they have games on 6 different days during the season. Hard to develop a routine when, over 18 weeks, you have that many different schedules. I believe it was Alex Marvez who put it best, everything the Chiefs do this year in practice needs to be “intentional.” You don’t have the leeway to develop routines because you have a large number of consecutive Sunday games at the same time.
They weren't that integral last year  
Blue Dog : 5/17/2024 2:10 am : link
The 49ers have lost Chase Young, Arik Armstead

Chase Young played 30% of snaps and Armstead 46% (5 games missed). They combined for 10 sacks, they signed Leonard Floyd who had 10.5, Yetur Gross-Matos who had 4.5, and Maliek Collins who had 5. I'm not saying they're as good, but that's a decent patch job, it isn't a gaping hole. They drafted a WR in the first to go with Aiyuk and Samuel which is just scary.

49ers are favorites in every game they play as of this moment, Chiefs would walk over them. They lost their top corner and that group does not look good.

Disagree on the Eagles, the collapse doesn't defy explanation they're not that good. Their core is aging out and they have a lot of holes. They lost to the Cardinal, then Tyrod and the Giants, and then got stomped on by Baker and the Bucs to close the year - that's awful. They added Huff but lost Sweat and Riddick. They are still starting Slay and Bradberry who looked cooked. Doubt Barkley does much more than Swift to elevate the offense. Still no linebackers.
If Kelce  
BigBlueCane : 5/17/2024 3:42 am : link
is still with Swift, yes.
SFGFNCGiantsFan : 5/17/2024 6:04 am : link
Sure. But it’ll be tough.
RE: If Kelce  
Ira : 5/17/2024 6:28 am : link
In comment 16517744 BigBlueCane said:
is still with Swift, yes.

Ha ha ha!
Yes, and I believe  
section125 : 5/17/2024 6:42 am : link
they will barring significant injuries.
There will be no 3 peat  
Jaenyg : 5/17/2024 8:24 am : link
Checks roster  
Biteymax22 : 5/17/2024 8:25 am : link
Mahomes still QB...

Yeah they can win it again. At this point in time I'm assuming they will until another team proves me wrong.
pjcas18 : 5/17/2024 8:26 am : link
the league frowns upon it.
Of course they can win again  
gpat1031 : 5/17/2024 8:44 am : link
They will be in the playoffs once again and from there it's a bit of luck combined with execution on both sides of the ball, and they have that with great coaching on both sides of the ball. It will be harder since it's difficult to repeat with everybody gunning for you, but that absolutely have a chance.
Of course they can  
SomeFan : 5/17/2024 8:54 am : link
but I hope they don't even make the playoffs. I'm bored of them and hate the "fun to watch" bullshit.
Of course  
Toth029 : 5/17/2024 9:23 am : link
But I only feel good about the chances of it not happening is if Josh Allen or Joe Burrow are playing them.

Texans are a wild card, obviously, but they're still growing. Chargers are going to be a difficult team to contend with.

Do not feel confident whatsoever in Baltimore because Lamar hasn't shown any clutch ability in those playoff games.
don't know why you all capped ALL PRO in front of Ricard  
Giantsfan79 : 5/17/2024 9:57 am : link
but isn't he kind of an all pro full back by default - i.e. he's like the only one left that still plays the position?
Have a feeling its Cincy's turn  
OBJ_AllDay : 5/17/2024 11:35 am : link
Idk why. We'll see. Can never underestimate Mahomes
The answer to the  
81_Great_Dane : 5/17/2024 6:49 pm : link
I mean, aliens can land in my back yard. That can happen and the odds of the Chiefs three-peat-ing are a lot better than that. The Giants can't three-peat in 2024 because they haven't got the first two. The Chiefs already have the first two, so the question really is: Can the Chiefs win the Super Bowl this year?

They'll probably be the favorite. A lot of things have to go right, or not go wrong, but that's always true for any team.
Title didn't post  
81_Great_Dane : 5/17/2024 6:49 pm : link
The answer to the "Can they" question is always "yes," by definition.
Why do we give a fuck  
Howyadoin : 5/17/2024 9:01 pm : link
About the Chiefs?
JayBinQueens : 5/18/2024 8:54 am : link
Have a 50/50 shot.

Either they do or they don't
The Chiefs were young last year besides Kelce  
Essex : 5/18/2024 10:15 am : link
there defense is on the rise, they have the best coach in football by a country mile. They are going to win tons of titles and are definitely the favorite this year. Last year was probably the worst version of the chiefs you are going to see in a while as their defense gets more experience and they still won.
It will be tougher this year  
eclipz928 : 5/18/2024 10:37 am : link
Both the Eagles and the Ravens had collapses last year in the playoffs that kinda defied logic. Both teams have retooled and will be strong again this year.

Definitely think the Niners and Bengals are both right there on the cusp and may be in a position to get over the Super Bowl hump.

And then you have a team like Houston who has yet to even reach their potential.

All that being said, you should never bet against Mahomes and Reid. In my mind they have reached the Brady and Belichick level - there will be more championships in their future.
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