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Talkin' Giants - 53 Man Roster Prediction + Schedule Release

Klaatu : 5/17/2024 11:35 am
The Giants 2024 Schedule has been revealed so Bobby and Justin look ahead to the upcoming season, Talk about the Giants new Uniforms, and make their predictions of who they would like to see on next seasons roster

00:00 intro
01:25 Giants Schedule Release Overview
12:33 Giants are going to be on Hard Knocks
18:30 Giants reveal new jerseys
23:10 53 Man Roster Predictions

Link - ( New Window )
53-man roster predictions are kind of pointless before camp cuts.  
81_Great_Dane : 5/17/2024 6:40 pm : link
Probably 1-3 roster spots will be filled by other teams' camp cuts.

Then there's the whole issue that some veterans won't be signed until after the first game, because if they're signed before game 1, their contracts would be guaranteed for the season. if they're signed after week 1, they're week-to-week.

The 53-man roster is always fluid but especially so in the first two weeks of the season.
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