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NFT: RIP Dabney Coleman

Giantsfan79 : 5/17/2024 9:03 pm
a lot of great actors have passed on recently. One more for the list.
Great one  
Darwinian : 5/17/2024 9:05 pm : link
You know what happens at DEFCON 1?  
DC Gmen Fan : 5/17/2024 9:14 pm : link
World War Three
He was so good at playing obnoxious  
steve in ky : 5/17/2024 9:23 pm : link
He was great in Tootsie and do many things but my favorite was his show Buffalo Bill. I wish it was available somewhere
Ugh, I don't know how else to characterize  
barens : 5/17/2024 9:38 pm : link
him other than saying he's an underrated favorite.
When I was a little kid around 5 or 6  
bigblue12 : 5/17/2024 11:35 pm : link
We were in LA for vacation. We were at a restaurant and I was sleeping in the booth next to him. My parents told me that he had his party keep their voices down so they wouldn’t wake me. Silly little story, but always had a soft spot for him after hearing that story. May he rest in peace
RetroJint : 5/17/2024 11:52 pm : link
always enjoyed his work .
Did some of his best work at the end of his career  
Greg from LI : 5/18/2024 12:22 am : link
In Boardwalk Empire. Played great villains.
Fucking hilarious comedic actor  
sb from NYT Forum : 5/18/2024 12:27 am : link
I think the first thing I saw him in was 9 to 5 but he’s been in so much since.

It loss for big screen and small screen fans.
A solid professional  
HomerJones45 : 5/18/2024 10:20 am : link
good in whatever role he had whether big or small.

May he rest in peace.
bwitz : 5/18/2024 10:21 am : link
He was great in Modern Problems. Played the role of the smarmy asshole so well.
Loved him in the movie  
FranknWeezer : 5/18/2024 11:02 am : link
Cloak & Dagger as a kid in the 80s.
RE: Loved him in the movie  
bwitz : 5/18/2024 3:15 pm : link
In comment 16518916 FranknWeezer said:
Cloak & Dagger as a kid in the 80s.

Holy shit! Completely forgot about that movie. Jack Flack!
Buffalo Bill  
jpetuch : 5/18/2024 8:36 pm : link
With a young Geena Davis.Had the whole local news lathered up.
RE: Loved him in the movie  
Matt M. : 5/18/2024 8:57 pm : link
In comment 16518916 FranknWeezer said:
Cloak & Dagger as a kid in the 80s.
Thank you. I was trying to remember the name of that one. I loved it as a kid.
Buffalo Bill - "A Hero"  
Daniel in Kentucky : 5/19/2024 4:15 pm : link
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