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Getting tickets for Germany

Jerz44 : 5/18/2024 5:25 pm
Dabbling with the idea of heading over there for the game. Has it been announced how one can get tickets? Does StubHub exist for games over there?

I believe it is all a lottery  
Ben in Tampa : 5/18/2024 5:28 pm : link
Getting tickets  
floridafan : 5/19/2024 7:03 am : link
Last year it was a lottery.
You had to register and when they went on sale you had to log in and they gave you a number.
My number was in 6 figures.
I knew they would be sold out but I left my computer on the website to see what would happen.
After about 4 hours, I was admitted to buy tickets..but none available.
I used the European version of Stubb Hub.
The prices were ok but the fees were very high.
I will do it again, it was a great time.
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