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Mark Bavaro interview ....

Manny in CA : 5/18/2024 10:16 pm

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Talks about his time with the Giants and the Eagles. As a Giants fan, some of it was hard to hear (especially when he compared Giants vs Eagles fans, back when he played).
Bavaro and Banks ....  
short lease : 5/18/2024 10:23 pm : link

my 2 favorite Giants of all time ... (discounting Superman aka Lawrence Taylor).
Eh - I think their just speaking to  
fanoftheteam : 5/18/2024 10:30 pm : link
The tenacity of the eagle fans. Not that one is better than the other. The host complimented how Giant fans were dedicated with passing down tickets in their will. Kind of sad, because Id rather sit on my couch than go to Metlife.
christian : 5/18/2024 10:30 pm : link
I can't people don't see how much DeVito looks like Bavaro. He could be his son.
RE: Bavaro and Banks ....  
short lease : 5/18/2024 10:34 pm : link
In comment 16519363 short lease said:

my 2 favorite Giants of all time ... (discounting Superman aka Lawrence Taylor).

"I remember reading an interview with one of the executives with Dallas and he was asked why didn't you take Bavaro sooner (Giants got Bavaro in the 4th round)? His answer was "We just underestimated his tolerance for pain". (Bavaro had a history of injuries during his college days at Notre Dame - especially his knees). Just a warrior - criminal that he is not in the HOF."

Definitely wrong He's not in. The HOF  
LauderdaleMatty : 5/18/2024 10:45 pm : link
Guy was a true two way TE
RE: Definitely wrong He's not in. The HOF  
jeffusedtobeonwebtv : 5/19/2024 8:43 am : link
In comment 16519369 LauderdaleMatty said:
Guy was a true two way TE

Could not agree more that he belongs in the HOF. He was more a team player than someone interested in his personal statistics.

Along with Eli Manning, he was my favorite Giant. My original favorite when I first became a Giants' fan was Andy Robustelli.

Wonderful stories  
GiantMike92 : 5/19/2024 9:17 am : link
from a really great player. If I’m not wrong I heard he had some heath issues and I can see why the way he played, one tough SOB. One other thing is how all of these guys talk about Parcells. Man that guy could coach, not just the x’s and o’s but to get the most out of them by getting into there heads one way or another!
Great interview  
gidiefor : Mod : 5/19/2024 9:44 am : link
RE: Wonderful stories  
clarkie02360 : 5/19/2024 2:01 pm : link
In comment 16519423 GiantMike92 said:
[quote] from a really great player. If I’m not wrong I heard he had some heath issues and I can see why the way he played, one tough SOB.
Yes..he’s had issues with Covid. Here’s an excerpt from a Gary Myers piece; "Bavaro suffered from a debilitating case of long-term Covid, and until doctors finally found the right cocktail of pills to settle him down after a six-month struggle, his anxiety, paranoia, dizziness, fogginess, and headaches had him believing life was no longer worth living.
Guess I'm just a bit jealous of Eagles fans ....  
Manny in CA : 5/19/2024 8:45 pm : link

Not of their rudeness or infantile behavior but for their rabid dedication. Living on the West Coast, I don't get to watch the team live often (and a few trips East).

I too enjoy watching the games on television, in the comfort of my home, but there's nothing like the in-person stadium experience.

My son & I were fortunate to attend one of the greatest Giants' triumphs on January 2012 at San Francisco's Candlestick Park (mostly in a heavy rain) - NFC Championship Game.

Riding a city bus (packed full of 49ers fans), I never more proud to be a Giants fan, as the entire bus marveled at the courage Eli Manning displayed, that helped secured the victory .....

Every Giants Fan Should See That Interview  
Angus : 5/20/2024 7:08 am : link
I had an opportunity to meet/talk with Mark some years ago  
TheMick7 : 5/20/2024 8:33 am : link
at a signing at a local store in NJ. It was packed & when I got up to Mark,I mentioned that the same priest had been the priest in both our weddings. This led to us talking about him & how he was doing.Well obviously, the crowd was getting upset that I was taking more time than they deemed necessary,so the noise and comments behind me grew to a crescendo! At that point,Mark stood up,told the crowd to show some respect, that he was speaking to a "friend" & that he wasn't going anywhere until he signed everyone's memorabilia.At that point,you could have heard a pin drop, as he scared the crowd into submission! lol We finished our conversation,he asked me to say hello to Father Maurice(By the way,Father Mo was built like an Offensive Lineman,approximately 6-5 275 lbs!) & we said our goodbyes. Just a really nice guy & obviously,one of the greatest Giants to ever play TE!
Simms : 5/20/2024 9:28 am : link
Nice story, thank you for sharing. Hope all is well in your part of the world.
Everyone remembers the play against SF on Monday night...  
Klaatu : 5/20/2024 11:05 am : link
But another one that ought to be remembered is a play he made in the playoff game against the Bears in 1990, where he laid the ball down just past the 1st Down marker as he was diving out of bounds. About as heady as it gets.
Met the guy  
Svengali : 5/20/2024 1:42 pm : link
In San Diego one time when he was visiting his buddy Phil McConkey 5 or 6 years ago. Solid guy. Down to earth. Hard not to like him.
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