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NFT: PGA Championship (spoiler)

Del Shofner : 5/19/2024 7:00 pm
That was an entertaining ending. Congrats to Xander.

I was never much of a golfer and I don't play at all any more. Gotta say though - as amazing athletes as players are in other sports like football, baseball and basketball - what the pros can do with a golf ball totally amazes me.
Spider43 : 5/19/2024 7:04 pm : link
Theater! I ended up just watching this, and the Mizuho, since the Knicks bombed. I won't lie, I was pulling for Bryson... as a nice FU before the tours inevitably merge at some point.
Considering the regular top 10 finishes  
Mike in NY : 5/19/2024 7:17 pm : link
Or at least as regular as you see in golf these days, seems strange to think this is his first major win.
That arrest effed with Scheffler yesterday.  
section125 : 5/19/2024 7:31 pm : link
It caught up with him on Saturday. Too bad. I think he would have been right there.

Good showing for DeChambeau. Congrats to Schauffele. Needed to get that monkey off his back.
Fun ending, bad golf course  
jogo1 : 5/19/2024 8:26 pm : link
just my opinion. Seemed very straightforward and too easy for these guys.
The course  
Maggot Brain : 5/19/2024 9:10 pm : link
was a disgrace for a major. The PGA should be ashamed at the ease of play.
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