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NFT: Met Life Parking Pass

Grey Pilgrim : 5/21/2024 5:04 pm

I'm going to see the Stones next Sunday and am wondering if it's a good idea to get a parking pass?

Or is it just as easy to pay cash?

Passes are not required for NFL events  
upstatenyg : 5/22/2024 8:18 am : link
It won't sell out so unless your with a group who wants to park together or you have a specific lot you want to park in, I would not bother.
Grey Pilgrim : 5/22/2024 8:45 am : link
For concerts  
cjac : 5/22/2024 8:51 am : link
They’ll just charge you at the gate
Grey Pilgrim : 5/22/2024 8:55 am : link
Thanks for the help.
No cash now.  
cuty suzuki : 5/22/2024 10:02 am : link
Credit card or smartphone payment. Just like inside the stadium.
Thanks again/  
Grey Pilgrim : 5/23/2024 8:45 am : link
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