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Transcript: Running Back Devin Singletary

Eric from BBI : Admin : 6/6/2024 4:56 pm
Running Back Devin Singletary

Q: How are things coming together for you this spring? What are your goals? Where do you feel like you are?

DEVIN SINGLETARY: Yeah, get back into knowing the offense. I'm familiar with it, but they changed some things, so I have to get back to knowing the offense. Get to know the guys. I think that's going well. You know, just finding ways to get better.

Q: You enjoy being a leader veteran in a young running back room?

DEVIN SINGLETARY: Yeah, it's been fun. I feel like we have a great room. Guys are ready to work and willing to learn, so it's been fun so far.

Q: You said you feel like you have a great room. It's certainly not an experienced room.


Q: Have You ever been in a room with so little experience?

DEVIN SINGLETARY: No, this is probably the first room like this, but we got guys ready to work, and, you know, with the opportunities, whatever they get, they ready to go. We're looking forward to the season.

Q: What's the difference for you mindset-wise when you know you're going to be a lead guy or top guy?

DEVIN SINGLETARY: Same thing. You have to be ready to eat and ready to go. You know, the mindset is still the same. Whatever it takes to help the team win, you know. The mindset never changes. You always have to be ready to go.

Q: You have to be salivating a little at the idea you could be a three-down back who never comes off the field.

DEVIN SINGLETARY: That's always been my mindset: Just be ready to go.

Q: Have you always worn 26?

DEVIN SINGLETARY: Yeah, since I've been in the league.

Q: College?

DEVIN SINGLETARY: No, in college, I wore 5.

Q: What about this offense do you like?

DEVIN SINGLETARY: Man, it could be explosive. You know, I feel like it's a lot of opportunities for the backs as well. I've been in the offense. It's fun. So, yeah.

Q: In what ways are there opportunities for a running back?

DEVIN SINGLETARY: You could do it all. You can catch the ball out the backfield, and they can spread you out wide and run the ball.

Q: What did you think of the game Malik Nabers had today? It seemed like he made a couple of highlight-reel plays.

DEVIN SINGLETARY: Yeah, he's starting to pick it up. You know, it's the league. It's a little different than college, obviously, but as you can see, he's adjusting fine. It's just OTAs, but he made a lot of plays today.

We're happy to see that.

Q: They say players know right away when guys walk on the field; they know if somebody has it.

DEVIN SINGLETARY: That's true. You can tell how they approach things and how they work. He's just one of those guys, you know.

Q: 1000 yards, is that a goal for you?

DEVIN SINGLETARY: I mean, of course. As a running back, you always want to get 1000 yards. At the end of the day, it's still helping the team in any way to win. But of course.

Q: What would you tell Giants fans who are concerned that Saquon Barkley is no longer here and they have a different 26 now?

DEVIN SINGLETARY: You're getting a dog, somebody ready to work. You know, I'm a bring it week in and week up.

Q: What do you think it's going to take to get rid of that Saquon shadow?

DEVIN SINGLETARY: I don't know. Just ball out and win games. You know, that's the biggest thing.

That's our focus anyway: Win games. We aren't really worried about the shadow of Saquon or none of that. You know, it's just finding ways to win games.

Q: On the offensive line

DEVIN SINGLETARY: You get a slight feel in OTAs, but definitely, training camp, when the pads go on, you get a real feel of what we are going to be like all the way across the board.

Q: You're one of the few guys here in Buffalo; you know Brian Daboll as a play-caller. How would you characterize him as a play-caller?

DEVIN SINGLETARY: Man, fearless. He's fearless. No fear of failure. Only the desire to excel. That's the best way to put it.

Q: Does he ever surprise you in the huddle?

DEVIN SINGLETARY: No, you have to be on your toes at all times with Daboll. It's never like we didn't see that one coming.

Q: Did you think he gave you guys an advantage in Buffalo with his playcalling?

DEVIN SINGLETARY: I would say so.
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