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NFT: College World Series Discussion Thread

capone : 6/8/2024 11:17 am
Getting started -Last night Honeycutt pimp walk off homer for the ages, I’m old-school but there’s a time in a place for everything and that was the time and the place I love the college World Series

Lots of great games today
Go UVA!!!  
BigBlueNH : 6/8/2024 12:00 pm : link
Not sure they have the pitching to get it done, but their lineup is strong, 1-9. 5 ACC and 5 SEC schools still alive.
Go Tigers!!!  
RDJR : 6/8/2024 12:21 pm : link
Beat Florida.
BigBlueBuff : 6/8/2024 7:57 pm : link
is through to Omaha. Not sure what the rest of you are waiting for…
Florida figured it out at the right time  
capone : 6/8/2024 8:06 pm : link
They were under 500 in league , Tennessee is too volatile for me in the tourney until they prove otherwise , if Evansville wins tomorrow that would be some story
Greg from LI : 6/8/2024 8:34 pm : link
In comment 16533140 BigBlueBuff said:
is through to Omaha. Not sure what the rest of you are waiting for…

Hoos are there. Third Omaha trip in four years. Pitching is shaky but that lineup is a monster
Osu and West Va split screen  
capone : 6/8/2024 8:37 pm : link
Fun to watch travis B and JJ weatherholt … they are very similar players both top 10 guys at second base ( likely for JJ imo ) which is unusual … I prefer travis like his swing and see more power and he plays like an alpha dog … I could see him being really good
My word Honeycutt just continues to kill it  
capone : 6/8/2024 9:26 pm : link
After his walk off home run last night hits the first pitch he sees today for a homer and his next at bat with two outs and nobody on he bunts it at the pitcher and runs 3.7 ! to 1st base the next inning runnef at first routine flyball and he decided to throw an absolute seed to first base the guys out Unbelievable show he is putting in ….lotta swinging miss to his game unfortunately but you figure out he’s really, really, really good
Tarheels make it 3 ACC teams to Omaha already.  
BigBlueNH : 6/8/2024 10:58 pm : link
Decent shot at 5 if Clemson can rebound.
I wonder if a person hit two home runs  
capone : 6/9/2024 11:42 am : link
On two consecutive swings then get up with two hours and nobody on and bunt the ball for a base hit …. Is that 30% K rate in college was under 25%. He would make millions more.
So it’s an ACC-SEC challenge  
Greg from LI : 6/10/2024 11:23 pm : link
Four from each conference
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